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MS-7254 v2.1
With many thanks to TheWiz, the attached modded BIOS successfully reveals a number of otherwise hidden overclocking features on the MS-7254 v2.1 (as fitted to a HP Compaq dx2200 MT)

Once downloaded, rename the file to bios.bin and place in the root directory of the bootable USB drive.

The installation procedure is as per the link -

The BIOS is `Award` and use the awdflash tool. I didn`t have any success when using switches with the tool. Instead, at the DOS prompt, simply enter awdflash. When the tool launches, enter the filename of the new bios (bios.bin). Note the original filename (DX2200MOD.BIN) isn`t recognised and should be renamed bios.bin.

Some comparison screenshots of the major changes in Advanced Chipset - Old/New

[Image: AdvancedChipsetFeaturesOld.jpg]Old_____New[Image: AdvancedChipsetFeaturesNew.jpg]

And Integrated Peripherals - Old/New

[Image: IntegratedPeripheralsOld.jpg]Old_____New[Image: IntegratedPeripheralsNew_a.jpg]

The current issue I`m facing is the lack of values in the frequency settings for FSB and DRAM.

When selected it looks like this -

[Image: SetFSB.jpg]

Any ideas?

i see the unlock is somewhat limited as youve shown, So is it just the fsb and dram that have missing values and the rest is functioning? i also have an hp/compaq dx2200, cpu is a p4 524 prescott @ 3.06 ghz so i was hoping to get that a little higher to try and keep up with my video card. I think ill give this one a try 2 missing values is very close to total success.
Yes - FSB and DRAM are the only ones missing values. There`s quite a few more extras on other screens as well.

Power Management - Old/New

[Image: PowerManagementOld.jpg]Old_____New[Image: PowerManagementNew.jpg]

PnP Config - Old/New

[Image: PnPConfigOld.jpg]Old_____New[Image: PnPConfigNew.jpg]
Nice, well ive got it installed as of yesterday, and managed to get the fsb oc'd to 157.3mhz so with the x23.0 multiplier its core speed is now 3617.9mhz (did this with systool) at idle im at about 50 degrees celcius and in the 60's with high usage

heres a link if youre interested

The pll is ICS951413 (goes in clock generator dropdown) , youres should be the same as you have the mobo
Strangely, I`ve got a different PLL (RTM865T-300) for the same mobo.

SysTool doesn`t include the PLL I need but I`m using it for benchmarking tests. I seem to have slow memory (at least my computer does) -

Read Bandwidth Test - Main Memory 3725.7 MB/s
Write Bandwidth Test - Main Memory 681.5 MB/s

What results does your mobo give?

I thought it odd that youd have a different pll chip on youre board so i re-checked the labeling on mine, turns out mines ms-7254 v1.1, this thread is labled for ver.2.1 so i was a bit quick to install the bios youve posted as youre board is a newer version of the same model. Im surprised the bios worked for me
will this bios work for my msi 7525(cross flashing) or will it just brick the board

Hello Everybody.........I Come In Peace!!!Big GrinSmile
itll most likely brick youre board i wouldnt try it lol, sorry for the late response btw

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