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MS-7728 Ivy Bridge update
I just gave it a shot more to get the hidden menu unlocked.

Turns out the menu entry was set to be plain text, but a 2 byte change unlocked it perfectly.
This is great news, as you can now run 1600 mhz ram instead of the default 1333 mhz (1866 might work, but i have a xeon capped at 1600)
And you can set the igp memory allocation to 1024MB instead of the old "max" which i think is 512MB.

This unlock boosted the performance quite a bit.
before, Overcooked barely ran at low@1280x720 now it runs high/dreamy@1680x1050 at an acceptable framerate.

I have uploaded this final bios to my google drive
Though heres the direct link

But fair warning, you do have to desolder the 4MB bios chip from the board and pre-flash a new 8MB chip with the new bios.
Then solder it or a 8 pin socket to the board.

Attached Files
.bin   mod_E7728MLN.30G_unlocked_micro_memoryinit_hex.bin (Size: 8 MB / Downloads: 3)
Can you unlock hidden menu in 4.0E bios??? My card 1050ti doesnt work on 3.0G screen freezes .Version 4.0E works great just change bios setup advanced >os select >Windwos7/others.
(05-31-2018, 11:54 AM)mysli Wrote: I've decided to release the bios currently running in my system.


and the 4MB version, that is just unlocked and had the microcode updates are under
Bios files > 2.09 bios .........

Good Mysli

Version 2.09 of 4MB is functional?

It works for both motherboard versions 1.0 and 2.0?
Or only for 2.0?

If the bios memory of the motherboard is recorded, will the motherboard work?

Can you use a CH341 USB recorder and test clips for SOP8, directly in the bios epromm, without desoldering it?

Thank you

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