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MS-7728 Ivy Bridge update
Why wouldnt it?
if its not micro code nor intel me, where does the cpu support lie then.

I know... its extracted from the 8mb chip, which i might try to flash with some custom bios. i just uploaded it as you asked for it.
(05-26-2018, 11:52 AM)mysli Wrote: if its not micro code nor intel me, where does the cpu support lie then.
In BIOS routines.

I Got the Ivy Bridge Xeon E3-1225 V2 to post.
using a modded version of the E7728MLN.209 With the Intel ME updated to 8.1
i created this image in Intel Flash Image Tool
By increasing the Bios size to 8 MB i could replace the E7728MLN.209 with the
M7728W08.40E as the bios region binary.
Version M7728W08.40E on a 8MB chip running!

This is the full bios image, but not final!

This ofcourse required a replacement of the onboard bios chip
Therefor i desoldered the chip (to make a full dump of it to mod) soldered on a DIP8 Socket reinforced it with some epoxy.
And flashed the Winbond 25Q64FV (8MB 3Volt SPI Flash chip) with the aforementioned bios image....
And voila! it was running.

You could naturally just replace the chip with Winbond 25Q64FV in a SOIC8 package instead, if you dont want to epoxy stuff to your board.

As mentioned the linked image is not final, as i did not successfully unlock the hidden menus
and i couldnt boot into windows (probably because the device selection didnt take)

I will return!
I've decided to release the bios currently running in my system.


The 8MB version with ivy bridge support is located under
Bios files > 3.0G bios

and the 4MB version, that is just unlocked and had the microcode updates are under
Bios files > 2.09 bios

The reason that the bios released is not 4.0E is that its missing the feature to select a bootdevice, and thus cannot boot.

I did however update the 3.0G bios with the 4.0E memoryinit module, which added support for some memory modules, that otherwise wouldn't post.

I was not successful in unlocking the hidden menus as they seem to be text entities instead of submenu entities (Setting access/use to USER, Supervisor, default or extended user. Had no effect on this)
MAYBE, some dude with some mad HEX skills, could help out?
I did stumble upon a thread somewhere, that it could be done. i did unfortunately not save the link Sad

Please send me a PM, Mail or whatever, if you should have any questions.

- Mysli
I thought i wrote that somewhere.. Maybe in the other thread, in which you removed my post?
but I can in fact boot into windows and run games without any CPU or motherboard related issues.
but i'd still like to be able to unlock that hidden menu, so we/i may be able to overclock and just be able to do a bit more finetuning.
the only problem with the system i have now is either too little ram 2X2GB or that the igp is underpowered.
But all in all, with the custom acrylic case I lasercut for it. I'm very happy :-)
OK. I understand now.
Does your Ivy Bridge CPU run normally with your 2.09 bios?
No the 2.09 bios does not, but 30G which I added via Intel flash tool does run very well though

Edit: 30G not 30E
Can you boot from USB with 4.0E?
What memory modules did you have problems with unpatched 3.0G?
No, nothing would boot on 4.0E. As the boot device selection menu is missing (even tried the USER unlock)
both my Kingston hyperx 1333 and corsair xms3 wouldn't post, but now they both will.
Thanks for information!

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