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MSI E3 Gaming Krait for Xeon 1230v5
Hey everyone!

So I have a computer which is a MSI E3 Gaming Krait V5, which is running a Xeon 1230v5 CPU.

Now im not too interested in overclocking the BCLK, as although ive heard on this motherboard they have separated it from the PCI-E bus frequency, as far as I am aware it [censored] up your RAM frequency by overclocking it this way.

Now im competent enough to get my BIOS extracted and opened in AMIBCP - and yeah there is some settings that I can unlock.

This is where im confused, is the Xeon 1230v5 working on the same architecture as Skylake?

To unlock the multiplier on my Xeon, is it the same procecss as modifiying the bios for non-K overclock on Skylake CPUs?

Does this require simple UDU microcode update, or do I need to download one of the non-K overclocking bios's and extract the non-K overclock module and insert it in? How do I do this and where do I find the module that will let me unlock the 1230v5?  As if you can do it for non-K cpu's I dont see why you couldnt do it to the Xeon.

Thanks for your help guys

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