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MSI K8MM-V (MS-7142) v1a With Unlocked Overclocking Features
(12-13-2010, 06:49 PM)1234s282 Wrote: Thanks for all the confirmations and screenshots! Smile

As stated further up the post , I cant test this was i dont own the motherboard but i am really glad its working for everyone Smile

@singhnandsachita: You have probably set the FSB too high for your current cooling system to cope with , unplug pc from the mains , remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard , wait a good 10-15 minutes then put it back in and load all bios defaults and you should be good Smile

hi admin

still not above 226 fsb on 227 fsb it freezes in my case but running well on 225
[/color] Simple way to get flash with o.c. bios

see te attachment below

i am posting the utility which is auto run before running one must be prepared for flashing as soon you run this file it flash the bios with original version 1.A0

now the trick after the flashing the machine ask for reboot reboot it and if all is well and you login the window after flashing

go to C:\Program Files\Setup Files\Ms7142v1A0 folder and place the over clocked bios in this folder now delete the bios file named "W7142VMS.1A0 " .after that rename the downloaded over clocked bios as "W7142VMS.1A0"
now in the same folder there is "MSISetup.exe" run this and bios flashing begins again but this time you will have oc feature & get ready to enjoy all the hidden features of this mother board on reboot

enjoy @ your own risk

Auto run utility below

download the attachment extract from zip now ready @ own risk..........

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 432.09 KB / Downloads: 40)
HOLY Ship!!!! I have this mobo and i have had it for a while. There was a time where i foun something about unlocking bios but i never did it. I want to use this one but at the same time i dont lol. Reason i dont want two is because i orderd a AMD athlon 3700+ 754 for this bord ( best CPU for it) only have a sempron 3300 there now.. But once my CPU comes i may never need to OC but just to have this forbidden bios is AMASING!!! thanks man this is awesome i cant thank you enough Wink now just 2 or 3 weeks till my 3700+ comes and ill really find out just how much i need more power ;
) thanks again man this is AWESOME!!
I've been looking for this for a long time!!! I used WinFlash192 to update the bios worked flawlessly!!! Can't thank everyone enough!!! I'm running a Athlon 64 3200+ with 2gb ram freaking quick!!! Oh by the way I'm new here hahaha!!!
I can live with K8MM-8 & 3400+ after this bios mod, for awhile longer.
Used clock gen for awhile, but wanted something more permanant than in Windows. Floppies are too complicated and scary for dumbass like me.
Here is what I did:
*Downloaded MSI K8MM-V v1A With OC.bin
*Renamed to W7142VMS.1A0
*Installed live update from msi driver & utilty cd.
*Double clicked WinFlash.exelocated at
C:\Program Files\MSI\Live Update 3\FlashUty\Award
*Clicked File & openlocation of the modded W7142VMS.1A0
*Clicked File & Update Bios.
*Wait for it to erase & install & finish.
*Reboot computer into bios, reset defaults & time to play.Yahoo.
Stable at 224. Gave memory & agp a slight v boost.
Happy and Proud.Big Grin
link to this bios is dead, could someone upload it again? Smile

I have uploaded the modified BIOS permanently to our site. Please see first post.

www find
Hi, I want to thank you guys, and specially to you reachforit, I followed your post #24 and it works perfectly.

I have a question... if the max bandwidth of the RAMs (both Board and Memory ) supose to be 400Mhz, why it runs at 200Mhz at maximum?

That could be overclocked? and how?

And finally, what could be the better Bios configuration for play?
I found one of these motherboards on the side of a road I was driving on in a gutted case Tongue

With some tinkering, I got it to work, but I was disappointed at the anemic BIOS until I found that the BIOS had been modded. I was a bit worried it would brick the board, but it worked fine using Uniflash and now I can OC the CPU (Athlon 64 3000+)

(05-07-2013, 01:42 PM)noctgoth Wrote: I have a question... if the max bandwidth of the RAMs (both Board and Memory ) supose to be 400Mhz, why it runs at 200Mhz at maximum?

That could be overclocked? and how?

It's 200 MHz because it's DDR (double data rate.) DDR transfers bits on both the rising and falling edge of the clock, unlike the older SDR which only transfers one bit per clock cycle. So 200 MHz DDR transferring two bits per cycle is equivalent to running at 400 MHz. Some motherboards will report the real clock and some will report the theoretical clock, but they both work the same.
I can confirm this BIOS works, however it is still limited to 232 FSB. I am currently maxed out.

Can someone modify the FSB limit?

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