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Mobo: P50CA , Amilo 1667G
-Manufacturer: uniwill
-Motherboard ModelTongue50CA
-Bios revision:1.07
-Bios Type:AMI
-Bios Download Link:
-Current original card (like): PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653
-Card to be added (like): PCI\VEN_10DE& DEV_06E9

If possible remove the white list.

I would like to replace the MXM ATI X700 Vga card with a NVIDIA 9300M GS 256Mb MXM I.
Using the current BIOS i get a semi dark white screen. The operating system boots beneath but nothing on the screen or on a secondary monitor if i plug it in. (This is a Fujitsu siemens Laptop)
I've extracted the bios modules from the bios using mmtool, and i was able to find the PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653 as : 02 10 53 56 on single-link-arch-bios.I've replaced it with DE 10 E9 06 and flashed the BIOS on the laptop. No change. The screen still is semi dark white. When i change the Nvidia with the original x700, is still operational even though i've changed the PCI ID.

Am i missing something?
Anyone has more info regarding moding the board?
(03-05-2012, 09:42 AM)Flokos Wrote: Anyone has more info regarding moding the board?

Hi. I'm trying to do almost the same, but my mobo is Asus M50Sa, my default VGA is ATI HD3650 and current VGA is Nvidia GTX 260M. You can see details here. As you see there are no people to help Smile

BTW, you did one of the things that I was planning to perform - i.e changing the white list. It seems that this is not the point. So, I will not test the same (replace IDs of ATI to IDs of Nvidia in Single Link Arch BIOS).

Do your system BIOS has PCI Option ROM for your old ATI card? If so - you should not to deal with 1B module but with this PCI Option ROM:
1. search for mobo with Nvidia card preinstalled,
2. extract PCI Option ROM from it and insert it in your system BIOS.

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