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NVME Requests. Here? and Assistance Request
As there is no board for NVME, maybe they can add that to the title of this board.

ASUS P8H77-M NVME mod request.  It is PCI-E 3.0 (via CPU) and the M.2->PCI-E adapter and 950 Pro are available.  Can anyone assist?

There is a post detailing, I am reluctant to try it as I can't bork this board (no replacement on hand, I'm doing it for a friend).  Any assistance would be appreciated and I'll throw you a few of his <g> bucks if that seals the deal.  Thanks in advance.

Relevant information:


Different instructions, relevant(?):

The B. I. O. S.:

Board page:
Cancel, realized 950 Pro has NVME drivers built in.

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