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Need Help Hardware Programming my BIOS.
System info:
Model: Acer E-571G
MB Model: A5WAH LA-B991P (Compal)
BIOS chip: W25Q64BV

BIOS chip brand new: W25Q64FV

Note: (I checked this chip's datasheets, this two flash is capable each other, same operation voltage range, just one of is clock frequency is faster then other)

BIOS Software: Insyde.
WRONG BIOS version: A5WAB 1.32
WRONG model: V3-572G

Hello guys, my computer BIOS version is wrong model. I have some torubles with that, like soundcard and vga drivers, turbo boots and ACPI problems. I'm trying to update bios with manifacturers original bios update software, but i can not. I can update same bios (the wrong one), but when i try to change bios version to original model, Insyde won't let me update because of bios version/model compare etc. i tried tricky methods, and i use HXD to edit Insyde bios files (BDW.fd and platforms.ini) to disable all flashing protections, like "don't compare bios version, Project model protect checking disable, All protection disable" etc, but can not success. when i try to force flash original version, Insyde original DOS kind update screen tell me "Invalid Firmware!!!" error.

So i decided to purchase HW Programmer, i bought CH341A USB programmer and i get new brand W25Q64 SPI. I programmed new flash chip with correct model BIN, that i found on internet. I solder the new chip i just programmed to mainboard, but it doesn'T work. Power led lights up, fan start rotating and few second laters shuts down, and few seconds later automaticly power led on, fan starts again.. and few sec later shuts down. an so on. So i tried couople of BIN files from internet, none of em was working. When i solder back the original (but the worng model bios chip) it's working, but with issues..

I quick checking manually programmed flash memory and verfy chi, everyting looks fine, but not working? I dont understand what is the problem, can anyone help me about that?


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