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How To Add SLIC 2.1 To An Intel Motherboard
Hey Everyone

Up until last week it was impossible to add SLIC 2.1 into Intel motherboard bioses. Now the tools leaked out onto the net and you can follow this tutorial to add in SLIC 2.1 into your Intel motherboard bios. We cannot perform this mod for you , it must be done locally on the machine which you want modding.

1. Download the tools below

Extract all files

2. Run the "Run Me!.bat" file.

3. Reboot

4. Check with SLIC 2.1 Toolkit , you should have Asus 2.1 SLIC Smile

5. Insert OEM SLP Key and Certificate file as usual (Certificate is included Smile)

[Image: intel1.jpg]

[Image: intel2.jpg]

Please reply back to this thread stating your motherboard , bios version and also whether the mod worked or not. This will help us to compile a list of compatible motherboard tor use with this tool.


Well done, dude and THX 4 the info!

Sometimes you just have to try to be sure it is not working...
[Image: logo.png]
I am back in here as I promised! Big Grin So tell me your needs!
NOT working on dell inspirion 1100 most current bios bios.
As far as im aware , Dell use their own unique motherboards , not intel ones Tongue

This is for Intel boards only

different pc, on Asus p5lp-le motherboard, bios 5.17, I double clicked on the "RUN ME. cmd" said " OEM. activation 2.0 utility","distributed under restricted licence. do not redistribute", "....only supports intel/mobile boards". Does this mean that its good or not good????
Erm , theres some confusion here


1eyedmonster , you obviously have an asus board therefore this tool wont work!

The SLIC inserted by this tool is an Asus SLIC.

You can only use this tool if your motherboard is made by Intel

AAAH, error on my part. :/
1. Does this work with *ANY* Intel board (say, somewhat older ones)?
2. I guess this will do a "live update" and is there any way to make a mod to downloaded arhives?
(04-08-2010, 09:22 AM)Nestor Wrote: 1. Does this work with *ANY* Intel board (say, somewhat older ones)?
2. I guess this will do a "live update" and is there any way to make a mod to downloaded arhives?

1. This board has so far been confirmed by various sources to work on the following boards: D201GLY2, D975XBX2, DG31PR, DG33BU,D945GCNL, DP35DP, DX38BT, DG41RQ, DG43NB, DQ43AP, DQ45CB, DH55TC,DQ35JO,DG45ID,DX58SO,DG35EC,D946GZIS,D975XB X,DG45FC,D945PVS,DQ965GF,DP55WG,DG41TX, DP55KG ,DH55HC,DP965LTCK,D945CGLF2,DP55KG,DG45ID,D946GZAB ,DP43TF,DG45SG. We do not know that all work and have received evidence that older boards may not work with this new tool.

2. Not that i know of

Kind Regards
Thanks for your reply.

I have two models, DG33FB & D945GNT.

The original bios for DG33FB has an entry of SLIC but seems empty and D945GNT is older.

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