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Need help modding bios. Reflashing modded bios doesnt seem to have any effects
Hello, i am new to this this forum as well as well as modding bios. Sorry if this is in the wrong sections i couldnt find one more appropriate. I am currently trying to mod my bios to access the over clocking features. My motherboard is a m5a97 evo2 and is very similar but not the same as the m5a97 evo r 2.0 The evo r 2.0 has overclocking capibilities and mine does not. after looking at the bios file in amibcp the ai tweaker is present in the rom. the ai tweaker the feature responsaible for overclocking. My issue is when i flash my modded bios it doesnt seem to do anything, it doesnt even reset my settings in the bios. I dont see any new features with the bios modded. Is there something obviously different about my board vs the evo r 2.0 that would indicate that its not possible to over clock? Is there anyway i can verify that the modded bios was actually flashed? I have tried using afuwin and afudos uaing /gan. Any help is appriciated!!! Sorry for any typos or other mistakes, the page is a jumbled mess and i cant actually see what im typing.

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Hi friend, look here :

About to check if it is been flashed or not , to check it , before make a modify into the Setup Module 899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21
some text so you can see into the Bios Menu Tabs, or read back again by AFUWin64 (bios backup) and control, if the modifies are there ...
I suppose you know how to extract and replace the Modules, using UEFI Tool 028 , modify hex data by HxD tool ...
The most important are B1DA0ADF-4F77-4070-A88E-BFFE1C60529A AMITSE, 899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21 Setup,
FE612B72-203C-47B1-8560-A66D946EB371 SetupData.
So you will use the Flashback mode to write the Bios mod , but have to use the original Capsule , replacing only the Bios Region from 0x800 offset.
Let me know

P.S. All credits to Lost_N_BIOS ...

@gloobox - yes, this is failing due to unsigned capsule.
To make this not happen, extract BIOS Body from capsule using UEFITool then modify that, then open stock.cap in hex editor, go to 800h location, then open mod BIOS body in another tab of hex, select all and copy, then on stock.cap BIOS at 800h paste the mod BIOS body, then save as flashbackname.cap
To do same with your current BIOS, what I did for file below, open the file in hex, go to 800h, select all of file from there to end of file (800000h length), copy and then past into stock.cap at 800h as mentioned above, then save as flashbackname.cap

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