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New Here and have problem :(
Hi guys n gals I have an ASUS P5K se epu that Id like to throw into a wall Smile
I have tried to install win7 on it for my son but the sata drive ..have tried two of them arent seen in boot order i get master drive failure all the time the drve installed on an old amd platform mobo no problems is there a way to get past this ive tried a regular ide drive but it kind of takes forever to load in do these boards have a problem with the marvel controller ive tried many bioses thinking that was it even ahci but nothing works is this just a lemon? btw the one time win7 got to load it didnt see the drive do i need seperate drivers at that point to see the drive? I fear tho that the drive itself wont be seen anyways altho it shows up in bios it isnt passed along past that point

Have you tested these drives on other computers to verify they have no errors?

If you are interested in taking on a larger role as a team member with us at BIOS-Mods, PM me.

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