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New Members Say Hi Here
Hi to all, greetings from Spain !

Thanks for the forum.
Hello everyone. Thanks for the forum but I have a problem. When I try to open a new thread or add a reply my page looks abnormal and doesn't let me write my message...

Sent from a Windows 7 x64 on Xeon E5450, Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G, 2x2GB DDR2 RAM, GTX 750 Ti PC. The problem I want to be able to solve is to install a newer version of Windows on this PC that can use more than 4GB of RAM. If I remember correctly I get CompareExchange 128 error when trying to install a newer version of 64 bit Windows. I heard someone mention a motherboard mod to install a 64 bit version of Windows 10 that works on some old systems, do you know about such a thing ? Can you help ? What shall I do ?
hi! I'm glad to be here
Hello guys!
I have an old laptop from 2009 maybe and I'm trying to keep it alive as long as possible. So far I've changed GPU (defective nvidia), broken Blu ray player (replaced with bluray burner Big Grin btw does empty Blu ray even exist?) ram, and now it's time for CPU. Searching for CPU compatibility I found this cool site. Thanks for your amazing work.
Hello everyone! I've been recently dabbling on my old Toshiba laptop and found this forum through some searches. Seems like a perfect place to gather some knowledge and get some much needed help.
Hoping for a welcome place to stay.
hi everybody, i'm new on the site! i'm here to search a way to unlock my pc from the whitelist. hope that someone can help me
Hi everyone, I'm on the way to recover BIOS for my Dell laptop and I found this helpful site. Hopefully some of you guys will help me to do so!
Hi, I am looking for help to flash the BIOS for my old DELL Inspiron 14 5447 which does not boot now. I hope to find help and a solution in this forum ! Thanks in advance folks
Whoops...there's this thread actually! Was looking for some introduction section but hey...

I got to this site a few times over the years but today I have something that the folks over here could help. The thread for it has already been posted so...introduction!

I had been on the PC world since about ~2004 or so when I started playing PC games. Later on the Core 2 era we went to have some game on WoW and played DoTA. I was the one on the watch on hardware stuff (at one point the motherboard died and needed a new one...and the CPU cooler in the box was actually decent). Into the 2010s I started building PCs for the lads that wanted me to and at that point got involved in competitive gaming with CS1.6 and other random games...then went to OC some stuff.

We started by using old and discarded PCs and laptops and learned how thermals and power supply design has a big effect on actual stability (with a bit of my experience with power supply design) which the OC part proved our thoughts (specially with GPUs). And some of them wanted to do the same on their laptops but needed something for extra menus on the BIOS and that was what once brought me to this site way back...

Now I had joined the forums because I'm in a rather dire situation - my current laptop that survived OC (a healthy 400MHz on the Pentium M 725) but the GPU has finally gave up (a GeForce FX(!#@%) Go5200) that lived on 333MHz on the core and 400MHz on the VRAM (250/250 stock) to play Rewrite (a visual novel) and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault...has finally shown the signs of more problems ahead

Then I got to have a VAIO (details on my thread on the Phoenix BIOS section) that also had decent GPU OC potential and improved 3DMark scores...but the CPU isn't worth the trouble doing so. The CPU is undervolted through NHC to reduce temps as it's hot hot for the tropical weather we get where I am but better thermal paste and maybe even a 3D printed custom fan using current laptop fan motors could alleviate those. Bad CPU cooling solution...the rather long heatpipe runs along the battery bay which heats the cells up and shortens life. And this laptop was no cheap thing when it was released just two years after my Toshiba.

I might not be able to stay online on this forum due to hardware and Internet problems and my projects that need work to be done and some other personal issues. But I do hope to be able to help some fellows over here where I can. And say hi too! Hope I'm not alone on the ol skool legacy PC gang that could use something better but...what you got is what you have to deal with and to do that you would like to find where the edge is...

Good afternoon.
Wanting to learn more and unlock some motherboards, want help and want to help whenever i can.

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