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New and would love advice on where to start.
As the subject suggests I'm new to the whole idea of Bios modding, never done it before. Not only am I trying to mod a computer i have laying around but i actually would like to know where to start when it comes to writing custom BIOS/ROMS entirely. What language(s) should i look into and/or learn, what PC application(s) do i need to use and/or download? I need to know any and everything involved with going start to finish from writing the bios, compiling, then flashing, although i have flashed firmware before, i was into the whole PSP hacking scene and was quite good at modding ram hex values to do whatever i wanted inside games and apps. Is modding bios going to be at all similar? I have seen some bios hacks (i think) that used hex editors. If anyone could point me in the right direction to get started that would be great. My end goal as a whole and need to mod bios is because i see to create a SUB ZERO cooled PC for the masses, and need to know how to write a bios as nothing currently exists that would meet my needs sufficiently.

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