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OptiPlex 360 380 760 780 960 Xeon LGA 771 E0 1067A Microcode
(12-24-2017, 03:36 AM)HorseRider Wrote:
(12-23-2017, 10:32 PM)William P Wrote:
(12-20-2017, 02:23 PM)HorseRider Wrote: It's been confirmed that C2Q Q6600 works in Dell Optiplex 745. Can someone add C2Q Q9400 and C2D E8500 codes for the 745?

 The 745 only runs 65nm CPUs. The best option there is the QX6800 SLACP. The base clock 2.93GHz 11x266 is the fastest there is. Throttlestop 6.00 software can control Voltage and multiplier. Heatsink the VRM MOSFETs (there are only 6), and expect about 3.45GHz 13x266. The steps are whole multipliers and 3.72 GHz is a step too far for the 3 phase VRM. D9729 is a heatpipe cooler that fits. T9303 is better but you must mod the cover. if you believe in single core performance then the X6800 can go 3,72GHz but it's a much older stepping and runs as hot as the Quad.
 If you have the Tower version of course. The 305W PSU will power a Zotac GTX 1050 2GB Mini (not low profile). The 4GB Ti is a stretch for an 8GB RAM machine.
 this is the only 1080p card that fit's without modification. Maybe some low profile GTX750 Ti with the tall bracket, but they cost just as much.
 Performance will about equal a Q9650 3 Ghz. give or take a little. At CPU and GPU scores will be in the 38-41% range.

I'll look into the QX6800. I have some heatsinks already. I also have the tower cooler with 6 heat pipes, and I've already replaced the power supply with a 450W noname and installed an HD 7950.

Also, I ran the 1050Ti 4GB in a rig with an i5 3330 and 8GB of DDR3, it ran great. 8GB of RAM is still more than enough for games like Fallout 4, the most I saw was 6.5GB in Diamond City.

I'm currently running an E6420 with the BSEL mod to 2.93GHz.

Will the 745 handle a 1600MHz FSB? because I can amp it up to 3.16GHz or so that way and that's more than enough performance for DDR2.

Speaking of Optiplexes, what about the 760, what are the limits on that? I've got the heatsink with the copper base and thick steel fins, not the all-aluminum one that came with the GX series.

I've also disassembled the chassis by removing all of the plastic panels, painted the entire chassis semi-gloss black, then painted the front and rear bezels a nice red and installed a red LED fan in place of the black 120mm front fan. I also plan on installing a Noctua slim 92mm fan on the rear grille after I solder pins onto the missing HDD fan pads.

If you wanna see what it'd be like if Optiplex's were gaming machines instead of office machines, you can visit the album on Imgur:
 The Opti 745 having support for 1333fsb is good news. I didn't try it because i already had the QX6800, and the faster E520. I don't think 1600 FSB is going to happen. Very few chipsets support that (X38,X48).
As far as the Opti 760 goes, it has a 95W CPU limit, and no 771 Xeon support. So Q9650 is about it. The 780 MB is identical with 16GB DDR3 support.
SetFSB will get you a small overclock. With heatsinks on the VRM MOSFETs, and a VID pinmod who knows. The Q9505S is a 65W Quad core and might have some headroom for an overclock on the 95W motherboard.

excuse me I'm new, many thanks for the good work.

I downloaded the modded bios:

O780-A15 1067A-771

AVAST antivirus detects the win32:evo-gen [Susp] rootkit.

Is this a false detection ?

Many thanks in advance...


Got SetFSB to give 100MHz...Not much but OK. Gonna try CPUCooL.

Can one add Core 2 Duo E7400 microcodes? I think it may work with BSEL mod.

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the link dead ; O780-A15 1067A-771.exe (4.79MB)

know you Where can I find O780-A15 1067A-771.exe could you share it please

(02-28-2018, 12:34 PM)jack10 Wrote: Hello
the link dead  ; O780-A15 1067A-771.exe (4.79MB)

know you  Where can I find  O780-A15 1067A-771.exe  could you share it please

Please let me know if it works...
Can you please also upload O960-A18 1067A-771.exe again? The link is also down.
Thank you very much!
(04-20-2016, 11:53 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: E5450 with s-spec SLANQ. It has CPIUD=10676.

Hi, a Xeon E5420 ( s-spec SLANV, CPUID = 10676 ) would be fine for a DELL OPTIPLEX 380 ( BIOS = A07 )?
v.per, yes
DeathBringer, Thank you

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