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Pegatron A15
I have replaced an i7-2670QM with my B820 on my laptop and naturally I'm getting performance out of only two cores at the moment. I have also put an additional ram of 8 gigs to a sum of 10 gigs.

Now to my issue,

My bios does not allow me to manually change dedicated video memory given to Intel HD Graphics 3000. It runs with 64 mb dedicated video memory at the moment.

I want to unlock cpu related features to change video memory limit and modify cpu support if possible. Proplem is that I have a quite rare motherboard (Pegatron A15).

Could you tell me which steps to take at this moment? I have loaded image of my bios rom to MMtool-Aptio-4.5 but honestly I have no idea how to modify these settings.

Here are some info I could gather with my little knowledge on the subject.

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : PEGATRON CORPORATION A15
-Bios Company Name: American Megatrends Inc.
-Bios Type and Version: AMI EFI 302 (AIDA64 report)
-Rw-everything report:

-Bios Link : (A win 8 tweaked version of my bios, which with 303 code instead my 302.)

Any help will be much appreciated, I have been researching for days but couldn't find a solution.

All You can do on this Bios is doable by AMIBcp 4.50 tool so here You go :


P.S. MMtool-Aptio-4.5 needs to modify modues to remove or introduce new ones.

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