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Phoenix BIOS modding?
Hey everyone;

I've been searching these forums and even google for that matter, and I haven't honestly found anything as far as modifying Phoenix bios'. I have found, in the download section, the phoenix bios editor and have installed it, but when i opened the program and loaded my bios, it was like trying to read another language that you don't know anything about. I've researched and looked for guides on how to even use the program, and Not much of anything has came up under that topic. I don't know if it would be listed under different titles or what, but how would the educated people of this forum, in that topic, recommend that I start learning? I know its probably like learning a computer language and I wont be able to learn it all in one night, but I'm curious.

Thanks in advance!!
hello, your in the right place to learn, I'm just learning myself with the help of the developers here so just post question you have here.

Check out the tutorials section first and dont use phonics bios editor for anything except emulating the bios as it will break your pc/laptop.

Hi Toshiba, (Original Name BTW :))

I've looked in the tutorial's section and I haven't found anything as far as the PHOENIX bios modding, and I don't think that I have missed anything because I looked in the tutorial index sticky and there was nothing under the "Phoenix bios" section in that thread. I don't know if phoenix is the same as the other bios' but if someone could lead me in the right that direction, that would be great :)

Thanks again,
(08-02-2011, 09:43 PM)Vengence915 Wrote: I've looked in the tutorial's section and I haven't found anything as far as the PHOENIX bios modding

hmm, I'll see if we can get more info put in there, what is it you are looking to do?

I was actually just looking to learn about modding/unlocking Phoenix bios'. I have a request that is being filled as we speak that's over in the phoenix bios request forum and at the minute I don't have any better computer projects to work on at the minute, and both of my computers run on phoenix bios so I just thought I may get into modification for this Smile I don't know if i was specific enough because I don't know enough about the topic but I hope there is enough information for you to understand.

And btw, thanks for the info about that editor program.


here is little pdf where is tutorial to unlock phoenix . Smile hope this helps

(08-14-2011, 05:41 AM)hani93 Wrote: hello,

here is little pdf where is tutorial to unlock phoenix . Smile hope this helps


downloaded it and skimmed it over. Thanks! It definitely point me in the right direction, even though it seems like its a lot to handle. Thanks again Smile
(08-14-2011, 05:41 AM)hani93 Wrote: hello,

here is little pdf where is tutorial to unlock phoenix . Smile hope this helps


Sorry to break-in
but do you have any tutorial on adding a AHCI to phoenix bios or any other bios?
I am actually almost complete with my quest! But the problem is that the Phoenix Bios Editor in the downloads, link below, has become infected with Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Dorifel.bvh

Has anyone got a clean copy that they can upload please?

EDIT: I have found 3 different versions V2.0.18, and V2.1 (Which can be downloaded from Intel HERE) & V2.2.0.1.

However all version of V2.2.13 that I find seem to contain the Virus above so if anyone has a clean version of it or a more up to date one I would be VERY grateful if you could post it as the 3 versions I have don't seem to support my BIOS...

V2.0.18 gives error "Wrong BCPSYS version!"
V2.1 gives error "ROM size too large! (Max. 8MBit)" - the ROM is actually 5.05 MB (5,303,128 bytes)
V2.2.0.1 gives error "ROMEXEC not availiable!"

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

The version that we keep on our site is a clean copy. What AV is saying that it isn't?

www find

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