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Question about A215-s4747 slic
Does the modded bios allow for higher supported memory or better supported cpu? Or only allow more bios options such as overclocking and adjusting gpu shared memory and such. I have an a215-s4747 I'd like to tinker with but no where on the modded bios thread does it actually say what the modded bios added features are... The laptop factory max supported ram is on 2 2gb ddr2 I'd like to have at least 2 4gb sticks considering it supports a x64 cpu. I also found quite a few much better processors that were the same socket but I doubt they are supported... Curious if any of that is unlocked as well...
Hi mate,
The Sliced files Mods porduce just adding the Slic 2.1 tables and not Others !
So for different modifies You have to make more Reuests !
The RAM is only 3 MB for OS x32 and more than 3 MB on x64 bits !
Then ask to DeathBringer directly write to him a PM to ask about CPU
supports and update !
The OC for CPU and GPU are to get using external Tools or modifying internal
modules !

P.S. look for AfterBurner and TrottleStop or Intel XTU !

Your Brain . . . . It's the best tool U can use ! Wink
Don't FLASH the Bios Mod if You get a Size Alert, You risk a Brick !!!
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