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[REQUEST] $100 USD bounty for overclocking in ThinkStation S30 (4352)
and that is why I need a unlocked BIOS to bypass the automatic settings limitations
Does anyone have the bios to force DDR Speeds?  Or the method to make the menu to appear to force DDR speeds like he says?

Edit: I found the program called AMIBCP which allows loading bios files and easily editing and unlocking features. I have not yet tried flashing the saved bios file from program to the S30.
Lost_N_BIOSThere is no TDP setting in this BIOS, only the following related settings
Intel Dynamic Power Technology >> Default Energy Efficient (Additional options disabled, custom)
Energy Performance >> Default Balanced Performance (Other options, Performance, Balance Energy, Energy Efficient)

There is no Bclk, multipliers / overclock to unlock either Sad

I can help you change these, without a modified BIOS
DDR Voltage,
One Of Option: Auto
One Of Option: Force 1.5V (Default)

DDR Speed
Auto (Default)
Force DDR3 800,
Force DDR3 1066
Force DDR3 1333
Force DDR3 1600

Actually, look through this txt file, any setting in there you see I can help you change without a BIOS Mod
(02-11-2021, 05:13 AM)conBid19 Wrote: Does anyone have the bios to force DDR Speeds?  Or the method to make the menu to appear to force DDR speeds like he says?
One user said, if I understood correctly, that it was necessary to make another patch in the lenovo DOS factory updater to flash the BIOS.
(03-03-2018, 11:35 AM)lamovo Wrote: uses lenovo factory updater modified for new bios on a dos drive
I have a mod, but I don't know how the updater will behave so that I can patch it too.

Only in bios version A0KT61A for platfroms 567, 568, 568, 606 it's possible to force DDR 1866MHz
I successfully flashed the bios with DDR Speed Force options shown on my S30 Type 0569.

I used AMIBCP 4.55 to unhide the option for DDR Speed Force as User, saved the bios file in AMIBCP.

I used the Windows flasher on Lenovo's site for S30 0569, following official instructions from readme and selected saved bios file from AMIBCP.
Hi everyone I have a lenovo s30 with a xeon e5 2650, this processor has 8/16 but runs at 2ghz and this results in a drastic drop in fps. i need help, i need a way to overclock the processor, the motherboard doesn't have a setting to do that so i guess i need a modded bios, do you know how i can do it? you have advice I accept everything. if you want more information do not hesitate to ask
-I await help

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