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(Yesterday, 04:30 AM)sypherus Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:26 AM)sypherus Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:14 AM)genius239 Wrote:
(Yesterday, 03:46 AM)sypherus Wrote:
(Yesterday, 03:01 AM)genius239 Wrote: Try this one and tell me what different with boot logo ,if you can capture screenshot is better.

I think you misunderstood me , as i said is just a stupid thing, i just want to change the ASUS logo at boot with the ROG one like in previous versions of this BIOS, but it's not important. I tried with mmtool 5 but i don't know where to look. Anyways thank you.
This only a testing bios to know where the logo module is.
Before you replace logo ,you must  know what module you will to change.

The logo you said was mean boot logo or like this?
Ok i have a 3 on the logo (thinks is your note) Smile and yeah the boot logo.

I can photoshop you the logo i want if you give me the specs of the image.
I've seen something animated too on the newest rogs, but don't know if this bios supports it.
 ah and btw i have 2 advanced tabs in bios, one from the default bios and one from you (but i think the one from you has all the options from the default one too) can you hide the default or rename the unlocked one in something like "Settings" - just to be different. Smile

as for the logos made one png, transparent, and one jpg with black background:
Here is new modded.

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(Yesterday, 05:16 AM)genius239 Wrote: Here is new modded.

YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you very much.

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