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Okay, no problem  Big Grin
Sorry for delays! Wow, this BIOS is a mess, stock menu is all inside "Save & Exit" I think engineer was drunk that day! Big Grin

I wanted to give you update, so you didn't think I forgot, just always so busy and far behind. This is super advanced edit needed here due to the mess, so once I get in there it will take me some time to get it sorted out, and probably many test for you and some bricks or frozen BIOS upon entry etc.

Please zip for me one image of Main, Advanced, Boot, Save & Exit
I think the BIOS is just made the ASUS way of doing things  Big Grin

Anyway thanks for the update and the pictures are attached.

Attached Files
.zip   FX505 (Size: 1.38 MB / Downloads: 53)
No, I edit Asus BIOS all the time, this one is a mess compared to 1000's of other Asus (all other Asus actually), I've never seen such a mess! Big Grin
Thanks for images!
Oh, it might be beacause of the unusual combination of the cpu and gpu. But to me the nvidia gpu seems like a regular independent card (you can even dump its own bios through gpuz).

Anyway if there is anything i can help with tell me  Smile
(07-25-2019, 03:56 AM)Tomonok Wrote: Oh, it might be beacause of the unusual combination of the cpu and gpu. But to me the nvidia gpu seems like a regular independent card (you can even dump its own bios through gpuz).

Anyway if there is anything i can help with tell me  Smile


I had a similar issues with that laptop - FX 505 DU running on Ryzen 7 and trying to login into GUI on Linux Mint with the newest Kernel 5.2.3xx. So far no success and it might be related to power management and iommu ... ;( bios 305 the latest for DU however noticed that for other models Asus updating bios more frequently for the lower specs laptops.

If You have any ideas please let me know. So far even at nvidia development guys couldn't help with the iommu issue on AMD processor. Let's hope next bios release will fix some minor power managament issue on that laptop series.


I tried iommu on ubuntu and it seems to be disabled. I managed to get svm working in windows in vmware but when i try to enable even the built in hyper-v, it does not boot (as i wrote earlier). I think we can only hope that asus releases a bios update or Lost_N_BIOS finds a way to unlock some useful options in there  Smile

EDIT: The intersting thing is that ubuntu would not send any picture through the nvidia card unless i installed the 5.3 rc1 kernel. The result was kind of Pablo Picasso edition  Big Grin screen, but at least something.
test test test
test test test
(07-28-2019, 03:33 AM)djczaps Wrote:
(07-28-2019, 03:31 AM)djczaps Wrote: It's a shame that Asus did some updates for the other models like DY,DD of the laptop but don't make updates for DU series. But probably it won't change a lot like You guys saying ;(

btw. I was abe to run Centos on that laptop but however couldn't detect a wireless card and didn't try to set nvidia to run on it and able to log into GUI. Maybe I will give another try when Centos 8 will be released.

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