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My name is Lucas and i'm from Brazil(so sorry for some english mistakes). 
Recently, i've aquired an Egpu to build an egpu setup, the EXP GDC Beast 8.5c, 
but unfortunatly my mpcie doesn't recognizes it in the device manager, 
it doesn't apear in the system in fact. I've tryied to hotplug as some egpu foruns 
recommend and nothing it means that my system is whitelisted, 
i can't connect every wifi card or adaptors in my mini-pcie slot. 
I've seen some videos on Youtube and one called my attention, 
a guy who had the same issue but solved it contacting this forum and they did 
an BIOS with this advanced options(Sorry if say something very stupid i'm very 
newbie in Bios costumization), so he could hotplug the egpu in his mini-pcie slot.
I plan to have this for short period, because i intend to buy NANDO's DIY Egpu 
program that can solve the hotplug issue...but first i need to be able to at least
hotplug please if anyone could help i'd be very pleased! Smile

Asus x55c - Version 404 is my actual bios -

My actual bios backup maded with Universal Bios Backup is attached..if it helps 

Attached Files
.rar   AMI.-X55C.404.rar (Size: 2.47 MB / Downloads: 0)

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