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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire 5735(Z) & 5335 BIOS Unlock
welcome to the forum Smile
i haven`t find any options for memory remap in this bios.............this was all the hidden options and menus in the bios .
sorry for that .
Thanks for confirming,

Moved to unlocked /mod

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Smile
Hi all

This mod can work on aspire 5735Z ?

Asus X52Jc
Intel i5-430M - Nvidia Geforce 310M - Intel HD Graphics - Ram 4GB
After installing the updated bios, i tried the CPU control sub-menu
I think I enabled the VTD feature last. Now my laptop won't start...
I'm using a Acer Aspire 5735Z
I opened it up and removed the battery with no effect.
once i plug in the power cord and press the button, the laptop starts to run for a few seconds and then restarts. the monitor does not power up
Can you help me somehow?
any advice would be helpful
Thank you
try the recovery procedure using the crisis disk and the fn+esc keys .

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Smile
I've tried flashing your unlocked BIOS on my Aspire 5735 - all of the CPU menus/sub-menus are there but not all of the options as shown in your screen captures. Any reason why that would be? In particular, I'm looking to enable "Virtualization Technology" which appears to be an option visible in your capture of the Penryn CPU control menu but I do not have this option. I've downloaded the Intel Processor ID utility which indicates Virtualization Technology is a feature on this chipset so I'm expecting the option to be available.
Let me know if you have any thoughts.
Well, hi
Im new here
i just got winphlash64 to flash my BIOS
i have a 5735z with BIOS v1.08
i want to flash to v1.10 or ur mod
but i cant my software send me an err

Corrupted interface descriptors in the new BIOS file
Part table signature not found in the interface
Error code: -161

Please help me i have a problema with the temperatura and i really want to
control my fan speed, i jut read alot of fórums, but there is just Fanspeed and that software doesnt recognise my motherboard.
Please help me,
Ill donate if u help me
If u can do a mod for my temperature problema
hope u can help me son
after flashing BIOS, turned on some options T.B.D and the laptop turns on but the screen is black, what could be the problem?
can you mod bios update so that it doesnt need the battery, when i try your mod i get error say cant flash while emm386 present.
(02-21-2013, 01:21 PM)hthammond Wrote: can you mod bios update so that it doesnt need the battery, when i try your mod i get error say cant flash while emm386 present.

Today i tryed just about every thing to update my aspire 5735 from version 1.07 to 110 and it wouldnt do it i tryed 10 times to do the fn + esc i let it go for over hour and finally shut off turned back on and still had 1.07 and now im locked out bios not by password i'm just frustrated and confused lol
I tried this BIOS on my Acer 5735, but it did not reveal the Virtualization menu option, although the Intel menu did appear. Is there a version which unlocks Virtualization for this BIOS?


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