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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire E1-571(G) BIOS Unlock
I have been searching around and haven't seen the correct bios mod I need for my laptop. I just want to be able to allocate more Vram to the onboard card, but all Acer products come with that locked, I had to unlock the last laptop I had. Bios info is Insyde H20 v2.04 and Intel GPU v2137. If any of you know or have a link that I haven't previously seen please feel free to post it, also another question is there a possibility this can lock my laptop? all the bios is on this driver page under Acer E1-571 I never updated the bios in order to do this
i am searching for a unlocked bios or is there any compatible bios from another model?

Laptop: Acer Aspire E1-571G
Bios Version: 2.13
Bios Link:

thank you Wink
Well im kinda new to the whole bios game, but right now i updated it to bios 2.13

Im looking to unlock my bios to show advanced settings but right now i havent found a single file anywhere that can do this. Can anyone help me get the mod?

System: Acer Aspire e1-571-6888
-i3-3120m (2.5 GHz)

no one know of this model? Or bios mod?
BIOS Link: (2.15)

Not RSA signed.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
This is my BIOS, please unlock

InsydeH2O 2.15

even to unlock the advanced menu would be a great help? idk but im sure whoever does unlock it will be very well known quickly considering how cheap and effective this note book is please help us fellow acer owners out he wants it i want if so please
As I mentioned in another Acer request thread, this BIOS is shared amongst many models in more than one line of laptops. I'm not sure exactly how many but at least the entire E1-571 and V3-571 series. I have looked at the BIOS myself and while it seems a little different than what I expected from tutorials, the layout does seem approachable. I'd be happy to Paypal donate $10 or so to anyone who was successful in the unlocking endeavor simply to encourage development in this area as I'm sure there are many people who would benefit.
@NewMaxx I love the requests that offer money lol Tongue

I can mod if for you guys, but flashing it will be your responsbility to figure out. I only have expirence with HP computers, so I'm not sure if flashing modded bios is different for Acers. So how about it, the modded bios rom for $10? Big Grin
Only HP's? You're making me nervous. I did follow your tutorials and checked the requested BIOS out, but there are subtle differences. You can take a peek at it and see what you think. Flashing is directly through the .exe in Windows, which I understand isn't ideal. Although it didn't seem to extract for me you can open the .exe directly, although I also played around with a BIOS dump from my Acer. Uses InsydeFlash.exe, of course.

So, check it out and get back to me with your thoughts. I was always planning on donating to anybody who was successful with this, I just didn't want to say that outright in the interests of posterity. Quite frankly I have no issue supporting development since I imagine a lot of people own laptops that would benefit from 2.15. With Haswell models around the corner, this BIOS will probably be one of the last big ones, so it's good to have it unlocked for the repository on the site. Resale of Acers is popular.

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