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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire E5-473G .fd to rom or bin
I'm kinda new to bios flashing and I just follow instructions to avoid spending someone else's time and pretty much try to learn things my self. But this time I'm kinda stuck after failing to recover the bios.

basically when attempting to recover the bios by prepared usb and hitting fn+esc the laptop just turned on and led is steady full fan speed which makes me think that. I did something wrong. But to make sure I left the laptop for a good 5 minutes before turning it off. When trying to attempt a 2nd try the laptop turns on fan spins for 1 second then laptop turns off so I may have screwed the bios. The only option now is to use a eeprom programmer to rewrite the bios to the chip. Thing is I don't think the .fd file is what I need to flash the chip. The laptop wasn't able to boot or load to bios reason I tried to recover the bios so no way for me to get a dump.

Anyone can enlighten me on how to process .fd files into the actual rom or bin file that I can use to flash to a chip?

this is the .fd file.
I'm still reading through some post for possible answer.
Hi~~Try this one.

If it still can't let your laptop boot , i think that you need the dump bios from other people .

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(10-23-2019, 09:54 AM)genius239 Wrote: Hi~~Try this one.

If it still can't let your laptop boot , i think that you need the dump bios from other people .

Thanks, I'll try this out. I also found a bin file that someone else requested on another forum. I will try both. Although someone already said that this laptop has this common issue where replacing the CPU is the only fix. If the bios doesn't work then maybe it is the CPU.

will update ya when I finish.
I dope during the process. I was wondering why my CH341A was getting too hot. I put the chip backwards.
Both programmer and chip survived. Tongue

I totally wasted a heck lot of time after finding out what the real problem is. It was a bad memory. I skipped testing another memory ON the acer and instead tested the acer's memory on my other laptop which my laptop detects the memory with my other working memory which doesn't actually work without the my other laptop's working memory.

:S wasted a whole heap of time on that. I have to figure out the bios problem. Bios didn't work. I'll look for another W25Q64 chip to try.

But I was able to get a dump of the original bios somewhere.

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