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[REQUEST] Acer Aspire V3-722G BIOS Unlock
(10-09-2021, 02:29 AM)tiarna Wrote: good morning i need to unlock my bios on my notebook

Acer V3-722G
V1.15 BIOS
Bios Type : InsydeH20 Rev.3.7
Intel i7-4702MQ
Geforce 850M GTX

can i have details on how to make a bios dump and later the exact procedure to apply the unlocked bios?

thanks in advance.
Make your bios dump
Check your PM
hi, i mod the bios with success (thanks dudu2002).
the laptop was this
Acer V3-722G
V1.15 BIOS
Bios Type : InsydeH20 Rev.3.7
Intel i7-4702MQ
Geforce 850M GTX

now, i change the i7-4702mq with a i7-4800 mq
the first was a 37w tdp cpu, the new one is a 47w tdp.. and i have some problems.

this laptop use in other configuration 47w tdp cpu like 4700mq, then the upgrade is possible, and i installed this cpu and it work good, BUT.

there is a chance that the modified bios lock my tdp to 37w ? ( when bios was modded i have i7-4702mq) because my problem is that i cant go over 37-39w in package power and even in turbo mode.. XTU trottle my cpu with CURRENT /EDP LIMIT TROTTHLING, that for sure means that cpu dont receive enough power.. then after a bit of tuning and overvolt i reach a stable 3.4mhz average turbo.. (but this cpu can reach x41 4100mhz in turbo, and i have this speed while browsing and not stress cpu)

or this laptop cant go over 37w?
i install the new cpu with the modified bios, worth to come back to unmodded bios and see if something change on tdp or its a waste of time?
i know that this laptop is designed to work with a 37w tdp, but i want to know if this is bios limited and reflash bios to original and then re-mod bios can have some effects.


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