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[REQUEST] Asus A550JK & K550JK & X550JK BIOS Unlock
Actually, the laptop is still fine. Just the mentioned extra 15 seconds of bios POST time. A little annoying, but I got over it. And well, I apparently don't have anyone who can do that for me. Like I said, see you soon in the future! I'm grateful of your help, but stuff really limits me as of now. D:
Sorry, I forgot what happened, and thought it was bricked, that's why I was so confused on why he didn't want to get it for you. Sounds like messed up ME FW, but I'd have to look back to be sure what we decided caused it etc. So now I can see why maybe he didn't want to spend another $7, but wow, to put up with a startup delay like that and think something you purchase online at a normal store is a scam is still beyond belief Big Grin

You'll have to save up until you have $10 and by one of those Visa Gift cards from gas station or drug store, then you can order from ebay

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