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[REQUEST] Asus GL703GM BIOS Unlock
I have this exact laptop model, i would like to know if i flash the unlocked bios will i be able to control gpu voltages in msi afterburner? I would like to lock it at max rated voltage or a slightly lower voltage with an overclock, i have my laptop on liquid metal and i have a cooling pad so temperatures are not a problem.

and also how should i go about flashing the bios, should i use a usb, should i use asus flash utility im assuming these are the bios files.
Hi there! I was wondering if you could PLEASE guys help me unlocking my full BIOS settings please!

I've seen it unlocked successfully before on this forum, also with variants of my computer, and apparently Lost_N_BIOS was the king for these!
I dumped my bios using FPT, I'll post it as an attachement, from what I understand I need to patch 0xA11 before flashing, using GRUB to patch it with value 0x0, (it showed the same offset after extracting the setup file and used IFR extractor).

Thanks a lot! And sorry I'm having issues posting this message right now? I'll post my bios dump bin as an attachment: Thank you so much for reading!

Here's a similar mod that was achieved (if this can speed this up quickly for you somehow):

Attached Files
.bin   backup.bin (Size: 8 MB / Downloads: 5)
Hello Scriz,

I can take a look at this. Thank you for the reference!

I need two things:

1.) Could you take pictures of the settings that are visible to you right now? This will allow me to unhide settings in your existing menus - in addition to the unlocking of new menus.

2.) Could you upload a second BIOS dump? This isn't required for the mod, but is a safety precaution to make sure that they are consistent. I will extract both with PhoenixTool and then compare the two sets of extracted files using WinMerge to make sure the important modules are identical.

In the meantime, I will begin the modding process on the original backup image.

EDIT: This UEFI image is different from other AMI UEFI images I have worked with so far, so this mod might take me some extra time.


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Also, please feel free to PM me if I have not replied again about your BIOS mod request after 5 days.
www find
I have similar problem with my ASUS GL703GM. Recently my BIOS got updated to the version which unables to undervolt CPU, which is quite a problem for a 'gaming laptop'. Can you explain what would i have to do, what to send etc. so you could disable that lock and even unlock my BIOS full potential?

If there is no one to help you ,let me give you a hand. First i need the bios dump ,please make a bios dump with this tool then attach it. (Run dump.bat as administrator.)

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.zip (Size: 4.92 MB / Downloads: 1) Thank you for your reply, I am attaching the file.

1. Your mod was done.

2. After get Advanced menus unlocked , go into new advanced tab >> Power & Performance >> CPU - Power Management Control >> CPU Lock Configuration ,then disable "CFG Lock" & "Overclocking Lock" to activate Throttlestop .Then you can do cpu undervolt again.

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My bios unlock >>> click
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