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(11-22-2018, 12:05 PM)k4milt Wrote: Hello Feluchi,
can I ask for the modded BIOS for G771JW? I believe its the same as G771JM. Thanks in advance!

Hi! Check your PM.
Hi Feluchi.

Can you confirm if you can mod the BIOS/VBIOS for the G771JW?

I am having the same problems as many others with the CPU/GPU throttling severely during gaming or stress testing. From looking at GPU-Z I can see that the 960m GPU starts out at around 1100Mhz and by the time it gets stable under full load it has throttled down to 600Mhz or less with spikes along the way down to 135Mhz!

I temporarily connected a large extraction fan to the exhaust vent on the laptop and got temps WELL down (under 70 C at full load) but it still throttles down to 600Mhz with the reason coming up as power limit instead of thermal limit in GPU-Z.

The laptop has a larger power supply (9.5A vs 6.32A original) and I plan to install a more permanent cooling system extraction fan to boost cooling performance.

So far I have seen several suggestions including undervolting the CPU, running throttlestop and BIOS modifications but can't quite wrap my head around if one or all of these things are required.

Any advise is much appreciated.
Hi Feluchi
same problem here with asus rog 771jw thermal throttling can i give it a try with the unlocked bios

Best regards

Recently i bought ROG 771JW with 960M 4 GB and i found i got serious thermal throttling with it ( it looks both CPU anf GPU). Could anyone send mi unlocked bios? There are any good solutions to resolve these problem? I suppose if CPU temperature limit will be rised over 85 deg. it cause also higher overal temperatures inside and still there would be GPU thermal thottling?

Apprectiated any help here casue I cant play any game without loose power
I have the same problem with my G771JW, 4 gb 960M, can I please some information about bios modification or something ?
Hi, Feluchi. I have the same problem with an Asus G771JM, but with GeForce 860m 4GB. Can you please help me? I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance.
(07-12-2016, 12:16 PM)bandit9229 Wrote: dwinkle, just simply flash this BIOS with modded vbios (with gpu boost disabled):


Also you need to do following:
- Go to bios ->Advanced-> CPU settings and:
- set TCC activation offset to 1 (like before)
- find and disable Intel Turbo Mode in CPU settings

you have the same laptop as dwinkle, so just pick one of the BIOS file I have attached and flash it using AfuWin.
Hi, I tried your Bios mod on my Asus ROG g771jw but my Nvidia 960M 2GB can't be recognize. I know is old thread , any got solution of this problem??
(07-13-2016, 12:20 PM)bandit9229 Wrote: I have 4 gb version of 960m. I tried to flash vbios from MSI laptop without temp. cap but Windows doesn't recognize my GPU at all.

4 gb version of 960m and your Nvidia 960M 2GB have different vbios, so just flash back your stock bios, and all will be ok.
(05-10-2019, 10:56 AM)feluchi Wrote:
(07-13-2016, 12:20 PM)bandit9229 Wrote: I have 4 gb version of 960m. I tried to flash vbios from MSI laptop without temp. cap but Windows doesn't recognize my GPU at all.

4 gb version of 960m and your Nvidia 960M 2GB have different vbios, so just flash back your stock bios, and all will be ok.
I know that. Flashed back my stock BIOS. I have G771JW with 960M gtx 2GB , same as  [b]dwinkle and [b][b]Math3us[/b]
I'm totally new to bios moding. 
I have asus rog g771jw  and would like to install a eGPU to M.2 m-key slot.
Would the modified bios help me to ulock this possibility?

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