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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
I know where the chip is i have flashed my then a few times as far back as the 2 or 3 page on this thread just need to get a test cpu for this because i am sure the 1700 support will go away with the flash of the alt bios assuming it works.
So, you have already crossflashed the mainboard with the ASUS Prime B350M-K BIOS and still no luck? Maybe an Asrock Bios could work, but when not, i think the only way to get another cpu to work is to replace or add microcode to the BIOS. But then we need help from someone with experience in this. Maybe lost-n-bios could help us.
not yet i do have a custom mostly unlocked bios currently flashed to it just no new cpu support. But to test it i need to grab a 65 Watt new gen cpu.
Something is different enough i get a no post with the 3 bios listed from asrock i am thinking the only way this is going to happen is if the code is slipped into a bios for this laptop i am happy to test a ryzen agesa code change i have a 5600x to test it with but i lack the know how to modify the bios my self. I do have the ability to recover a bad flash so if some one can do this please let me know i am happy to test.
As i wrote above, i think its better to test it with the Prime B350M-K BIOS. You have only to extract the BIOS first , because it´s a .cap file. You can do that with UEFI Tool. Then i would try if the Laptop is booting or not. If this is not working, then the only way to modify the existing BIOS is with Agesa and microcode. Maybe we can use it from the Prime B350M-K BIOS and replace some parts in the GL702ZC BIOS.
As near as i can tell this is mainly Russian MB and I can't seem to find a resent bios file for it but I as far as i can see it only supports up the 2nd Gen Ryzen don't really have a cpu for that at the moment. but at the very least it will stay running after the update we will know you can install it.
Can you explain how do you installed the new BIOS? I try to make a backup with my test clip cable, but in most cases it´s not working. The CH341a Programmer software (doesn´t matter what version i use) didn´t find the chip. The same is when i use asprogrammer or neo programmer. When i select the chip in the list and click red chip, it´s reading the chip. When i try to detect the chip, it is founding nothing. The drivers are correctly installed, power led is on. The programmer itself is correct connected with all cables and 1.8v adapter. This very frustating What software did you use to make a backup and to write a new BIOS in your machine?
Can you post a photo of what your programmer setup looks like with the clip fitted please? I have had the best luck with the below version. (CH341A v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree)) but i have basically gotten it to work with all of them. Also remember that even if you detect and it works you need to set the 25 spi flash to 16MByte/128MBit or it wont read the whole rom or write the full rom to the chip. But my best guess is you don't have the clip in the programmer right.
Below are two pictures from my programmer. Do you have the cmos battery disconnetcted or connected on the board during reading/flashing the chip and does the board need power or not from the power supply? I´m a bit busy right now. The next days i will make some screenshots about the errors that show up.

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you do not need the 1.8 volt board at all you just need the clip board only fitted in the 25xx lower clip location with pin one pointed to the handle side of the retainer clip.

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