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[REQUEST] BIOS change in ZOTAC en72070v
Dear BIOS-Experts,

I need to change a boot-logo and standart power settings of the BIOS in Zotac en72070V. It would be as well cool, if there would be possible to place a password in BIOS, which would stay even after Battery failure. Is there anybody, who could help me with that? As well not for freeSmile

The standart BIOS can be downloaded here:

Thank you in advance
Some questions.
1.Could you to test edit original bios(B411P112.bin) any changes with amibcp then save and try flash it by original tool package??
I want to know whether original tool can flashed the modified bios.

2.Please capture some bios screenshots.

3.Do you have an hardware spi programer ? for safety reason.

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Hi genius239! Thank you for the reply.
Sorry, it took much more time to answer than I expectedSad Since then I changed to another computer Zotac en52060v. Oficcial BIOS is here:

I believe this is the same bios as in en72070v.

Here are the answers:
1) Unfortunately I could not find amibcp, so I cannot test it by myself.
2)It is easy, 
3) No, I dont have programer

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