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[REQUEST] GA-H61M-S mod bios
[REQUEST] can someone please mod the bios for GIGABYTE  GA-H61M-S rev(1.0) 

link -

so that it can support ASUS GEFORCE GTX 970 {release date 18-9-2014} .

It can currently works with GT 710 so he PCI slot is fine but the GTX 970 shows no output and is not even detected by the motherboard ,
 current bios is F3a {release date 4-3-2014} , tried the card in gigabyte GA-B250M-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.0)
 works fine .. so card is alright .. any suggestions...?
 specs =>
INTEL i5-2320 sandybridge  processor
windows 10 os
CORSAIR  VS550 psu
Are you already using the F3a BIOS? If not, flash it using QFlash or DOS and load optimized and test again'

Please download GPU-z and send me vBIOS dump from 970 and 710. To dump vBIOS from the card, you can put it into any system that will work with it, and run GPU-z, dump vBIOS is a little arrow under Nvidia Logo on right side beside "UEFI" Checkbox. Also, show GPU-z image from each one.

This may be fixed a few ways, motherboard BIOS or GPU vBIOS might need updated too. Also, changing BIOS settings from UEFI only to legacy/UEFI for graphic rom may help too. << I checked this, and on your BIOS it's at "BIOS Features" page >> VGA Support, Set Auto for legacy instead of EFI. For this to work properly, you need to not use UEFI boot (Secure Boot), set OS Type to Other OS, and " Display Boot Option Control" needs to be set to Legacy First or EFI First, either OK but change away from default of Legacy Only or EFI only (Depending on if GFX has EFI vBIOS or legacy rom only) That is why I suggested updating vBIOS too, to update EFI image if it's there, sometimes this helps.

If you want to try updating motherboard BIOS first, I can update the vBIOS modules, sometimes this might help but usually this is mainly for onboard graphics, but it can help sometimes since outputs from PCIE are routed through this vBIOS modules too.
(03-18-2019, 10:32 PM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: yes, i'm already using the F3a BIOS?  but i want to test a modded BIOS first
Yes, I saw that after I posted my comment, sorry I should have edited it out.

Did you try adjusting the BIOS settings I mentioned?  As mentioned, mod BIOS for the board likely wont help, since that's mainly for onboard GFX, but we can try first if that's what you want.   Go ahead and send me both vBIOS and GPU-z images from the cards too so I can work on those to have ready for you

*Edit - Here, flash via Qflash or DOS/EFIFlash

Updated >>
EFI GOP Driver IvyBridge   - 3.0.1023 >> 3.0.1030
EFI GOP Driver SandyBridge - 2.0.1023 >> 2.0.1024
OROM VBIOS SNB-IVB         - 2158     >> 2171

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