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[REQUEST] HP Proliant ML110 G6 BIOS Unlock
Hi fellas,

This is a strange one.. This HP server has a Xeon3440 CPU, which in every single other motherboard in the world, accepts 32Gb of RAM.

On the HP, the same CPU seems to be limited to just 16GB.

Could some really kind person take a look at the BIOS for this machine, and be able to tell me whether there is a software limit in there??

If there is, it would be a miracle and you would make my year!

There is no other reason I can see why 32gb wont work in this HP machine as the memory controller is on the CPU die, so its like the BIOS is limiting it in some way.

The BIOS file (buried in an .exe) is here:-

I see Ahmed Hossan and a couple of other guys are super helpful, so I thank you for anything you can do..



As you said that the CPU is limited to 16GB , so you can`t exceed this limit any way ......... its hardware limit not BIOS .

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Smile
The CPU is limited to 32Gb
The intel chipset in any other manufacturers motherboard is limited to 32Gb
HP appear to have limited the motherboard to 16Gb artificially.
I have 2 very similar servers, same CPU, same memory, same chipset etc. the Supermicro 32Gb works perfectly, the HP only works upto 16Gb.
Can this be overridden in BIOS?
This is made through the TOLUD register in the BIOS , i knew its the problem but can`t modify it .

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Smile
(08-27-2012, 08:49 AM)AHMED HOSSAM Wrote: This is made through the TOLUD register in the BIOS , i knew its the problem but can`t modify it .
Oh well
Thank you anyway for looking into this for us.
Hi and thanks all modders and the rest of the community. Heart Heart Heart

I'd like to know if thios BIOS can be unlocked, Huh Huh Huh  to get access to things like changing clock frequencies and disable the mandatory fan functions, and whatever thing can be enabled.


You can download from here:

edit: This is actually a file containing several utilities to upgrade the bios. It can be uncompressed with 7-zip and the "ROMPaq Flat Files" folder has the BIOS files in it.
Hello  Smile

I have the same problem as  tokafondo, Have been fighting with HPe support and sales for 3 days in hope that 

they would release/give/sell their latest Bios for the HP Proliant ML 110 G6.

But no, the only advice they would give, was to buy a new HP server Angry Angry Angry 

Not a chance that is going to happen with that attitude towards their customers.  

So if anyone of you could help tokafondo and me it would be amazing  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Hello, i have HP proliant ML110 G6 server and i would like to know is it possible to unlock its bios so that i can overclock its cpu

There is no official bios relase just a utility that makes pendrive a bios setup 

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