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[REQUEST] HP dv6 6034tx
Okay in order this is what happens; run the InsydeFlash as admin, it launches, windows reboots, BIOS flashers starts, Fails and reboots.

Where exactly is the HP tools partition?
Thanks. Its definitely the HP_TOOLS parition that is interfering. There is a fat32 partition on your hdd or on a connected flash drive that is named HP_TOOLS and it contains HP's flasher utility. InsydeFlash.exe is detecting this, so it is letting it flash the rom instead of doing it itself. Make sure that you either delete this parition or temporarily rename it to something else so that InsydeFlash.exe can actually flash the bios.
Okay I looked on the laptop and couldn't find any HP tools thing at all...
It's a friends laptop, I have given it back to him, he is going to backup all his data, format the harddrive and do a fresh install of Windows 7 with any HP software.
Then we will try again..

I don't see him till next week though.

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I don't think you looked hard enough for it Tongue

So after some searching, it looks like HP_TOOLS has the hidden flag set by default. I never noticed this since I immedaitley format my computer's HDDs as soon as I get it. I assume that laptop only only has Windows, so you can unhide a parition there by assigning it a drive letter. Hopefully that clears up everything Big Grin

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