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[REQUEST] Lenovo G460, G560, Z460 & Z560 (29CNxxWW) Whitelist Removal
Hi There,
before XMas (2011) my G560 overheated. Unfortunately the Graphics Card crashed.
When Windows switches Graphics mode to full resolution the Laptop crashes.

For some reason Linux boots up and works still fine. - I do not want Linux as MainOS.
I set up OSx and it also runs fine. But there isn't any Kernel Extension for my
Stock WifiCard. May you remove the white list restriction from the current Bios file?

I 'll try to flash it with an virgin Win7 setup (without Graphic Drivers).
The Flash Software comes with the Bios File.

-Manufacturer: LENOVO
-Model: G560
-Bios revision: 29CN38WW(V2.15)
-Bios Type: Insyde
-Bios Download Link: Klick
-Current WLan Card Infos:
-->Vendor ID: 14e4
-->Vendor: Broadcom Corporation
-->Dev ID: 4727
-->Device: BCM4313 801.11b/g/n Wireless Lan Controller
-->Class: Network Controller
-->Sub Class: Network Controller

Thanks, Andal
Hello I write with google.translate. Need your help. I have a laptop Lenovo G560. I want to put the Intel WiFi 6230 62230ANHMW. White list does not do it. Help please
Ver bios: 29CN40WW(V2.17)
Hiya, trying to install an Intel 7260HMWWB on a Lenovo Ideapad Z260 with had an Atheros AR9285 in it. Didn't realize it was locked down.

Currently bios is a modified 29CN38WW found at this post:
Think I found the answer to this on another site, will update when I get home after testing.
Quote:-Manufacturer: Lenovo
-Model: IdeaPad Z460 Z560
-Model: IdeaPad G460 G560
-Bios Revision: 29CN38WW (V2.15)
-Bios Release: 14 Feb 2011
-Bios link:
-Bios Type: Insyde
-Tools: Phoenix Mod Tool v1.79
-Bios file: NIWEx215_NWL_SLIC.rom
-Modifier: TTAV134

WLAN/WWAN whitelists check "removed"

IdeaPad G460_G560_Z460_Z560_NIWEx215_X32_X64_SLIC21_no_whi
I am a newbie in this area and would really appreciate if anyone can help me.
I need to install
Option GTM378 3g Mini PCi-e card
but cannot get it work due to bios whitlist. It works fine when i install it after starting bios, but once restarted the laptop, it is no longer get detected. i have searched and installed lot of bios mods and could not find one that works for me.

my laptop model Lenovo G460
-Manufacturer: Lenovo
-Model: IdeaPad G460
-Bios Revision: 29CN38WW (V2.15)
-Bios Release: 14 Feb 2011
-Bios link:
-Bios Type: Insyde
-Bios file: NIWEx215.rom

I installed bios modified by TTAV134 in also,
without any success.
modified bios is from IdeaPad G460_G560_Z460_Z560_NIWEx215_X32_X64_SLIC21_no_whi also did not work

I even tried to modify bios but could not do it myself probably due to my lack of proper knowledge!
Please help me!
If you need any more details i can provide.
Look README to update. Please post results.

From Hanoi, Vietnam
Yes !!!
It does work like a charm !!!!
just after i flashed the modified bios (following flashing the original, as you have advised, of course) machine went in to Blue screen of death and then display became fully White!! couldn't shut down from power button even! had to remove battery.

But now its working well. had already restarted couple of times. No issues yet.

Thank you very much for the time and effort.
I also have a G560 and am looking for a bios file with the whitelist removed.


i've just signed the Lenovo petition - hope it will change something!
but anyway, i'm stuck with my intel 7260 HMWWB card that i've bought to replace the broadcom one that came with my lenovo g560 laptop.

i've read here that i need to modify my bios.
so here you have some files of mine:
my current bios backup (LENOVO-29CN38WW(V2.15), original unmodified bios from lenovo (NIWEx215_X64) - link
help would be appreciated !!
and also some quick explanation how to do an usb bios backup in case i brick my laptop please!

many thanks

arek m
it looks like a monologue here!

i've found a similar post here

flashed my bios using those files.
then replaced the wifi card with INTEL 7260 and the laptop takes ages to boot into windows. The win7 itself is lagging ! installed the drivers and card works much faster than the previous one but win7 and everything else is mega slow!

replaced the wifi card back to the old one and it's quick as it was!

any help with that guys?



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