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[REQUEST] Lenovo IdeaPad P400, P500, Z400, Z500 (71CNxxWW) BIOS Unlock
-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model: Lenovo Ideapad z500
-Bios Version : 3.7
-Bios Type : InsydeH20
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything : many thanks[/size]
I would like to get this unlock too.

thanks for your work anyways!
me too... i'm looking for a whitelist removed bios..

edit: according donation via PayPal
I'm trying w/o luck trying to unlock the pci-e wireless whitelist on my lenovo P400 Touch (I have an intel 7620 AC to put in it).

This BIOS is also for the similar P500, Z400, and Z500 (regular AND touch).

It is an Insyde EFI BIOS (hence why I posted here).

I tried unpacking the core... but aside from a couple "wireless setup" entries, I didn't see anything that screamed "whitelist" to me. Perhaps somebody around here has better luck.

The file from lenovo an be found here:

( I tried attaching it, to no avail. even .zip'd it).
I tried again... here's as far as I got:

The warning message that pops up is in the 11D378C2-B472-412F-AD87-1BE4CD8B33A6_0_1236.ROM file in the Dump. Also known as UEFIL05BIOSLock

However, I couldn't get it to play with the free version of ida (whined that it was a z80 file, yeah right)... and online disassemblers were useless.

Yes, I temporarily removed the data before the MZ in the ROM...

I used this guide:

I know it ain't much, but I hope this helps out... if i had some guidance on where and how to continue, then I'd be more than willing to continue myself... however, my knowledge is more with embedded C, not assembly (as they don't teach it much in college EET anymore, I was lucky to get Atmel AVR).
Just by your description I can't tell if it's Insyde Secure Flash or a different problem. Lets just use Intel's Flash Programmign Tool, fptw, to bypass anything. Get the utility here.

And run the following and send me the output.bin that it generates
fptw.exe -d output.bin -BIOS
FYI: the linked tool doesn't work (as this is a 7 series laptop). This did work though.

.bin is here.
I always assume everyone has a series 6 chipset for some reason. Glad you were able to get the right version.

Here's the modded rom. Flash it back with:

fptw.exe -f output_mod.bin -BIOS

And just to be safe, verify it with:

fptw.exe -VERIFY output_mod.bin -BIOS
(01-24-2014, 02:48 AM)donovan6000 Wrote: I always assume everyone has a series 6 chipset for some reason. Glad you were able to get the right version.

Here's the modded rom. Flash it back with:

fptw.exe -f output_mod.bin -BIOS

And just to be safe, verify it with:

fptw.exe -VERIFY output_mod.bin -BIOS

This darn thing refuses to give up:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6022]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[censored]! This is where I'm stuck with these kind of bios. Insyde Secure Flash is used by the previous rom to verify the newly flashed rom before passing control to it. Since we can't modify the currently installed rom, then we can't bypass this. and the flash descriptor sets a lock on writing to your bios region, so we can't use fptw to flash it. Lol it seems like the hardest part about bios modding now is actually flashing it Sad

Until we discover more about Insyde Secure Flash, then these kind of bios are unmoddable at the moment. Sorry Sad

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