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[REQUEST] Lenovo Ideapad U550 BIOS unlock
(03-05-2016, 04:38 PM)Da Vinci Code Wrote: Here is mod
unlocked ACPI selection option.You can find it in Boot tab.
Just rename to origin file and flash it.

hi Da Vinci can you or someone,please,upload again this bios for this model of laptop with bios v. 23CN18WW.fd

Thank you

clean bios image,i
Clean Bios 23CN18WW

My "ModBios" Wink it would be nice that someone from senior members,check this bios since my knowledge to modbios is learned here at this forum,i hope,thanks...
opened advanced tab,new slic 2.1 inserted LU15X64 tested od ideapad u550-20034

so my problem starts when i moded bios without adding RW Report file and then flashed that bios to board so now bios operates without ACPI tbl  i think is my current "no ACPI Bios"Current Bios so any tip or help what next since only XP can be installed without any drivers for sound,vga...
cannot update bios from windows any more,from dos either...
Request for the BackUp of Original BIOS File of Lenovo U550

Hi everybody,

I want to repair the bios of a Lenovo U550 (ideapad). It had 23CN18WW. I did upgrade to 23CN21WW.

In both cases, when flashing the BIOS with a file or the other, the BIOS System Information (F2 panel) is as follows:

Product Name: INVALID
BIOS Version: 23CN21WW (or 23CN18WW when flashed with it).
UUID Number: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

So this files don't work for me (and I think that is not a solution suitable for nobody).

In internet there is a file named "LENOVO-IDEAPAD-U550-LU15" but is the same "23CN21WW + 23CN18WW".

I used INSYDEH20 dos bios update tool (I have downloaded it from, it is original and perfectly working). The original name is "H20FFT-D.exe" but I am renamed it "bios.exe"

1. Create a dos bootable USB disk (Fat32): Format The USB stick to Fat32, download and add the content of Win98Boot_Files.rar (COMMAND.COM, IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS) to the USB stick:!TcVgUSjD!R1AxpyWuAtFMA...tgqKsWWkno

2. Dowload & Copy "bios.exe" (originally named "H20FFT-D.exe") from the link below. I think it will work with all INSYDE H20 BIOS.!ncc3BIxK!I7_xhb6_UGZ6c...NNXNW9gKeE

3. Add to the USB stick your Bios Firmware (xxxx.bin, .img, etc). If you have a .fd file, if necessary try just rename it .bin .

4. Plug the USB stick to a USB slot in the side where there is VGA - HDMI connection. If will not work ensure thath is not a USB 3.0 slot (blue color). Boot your system from USB.

5. The command is:

bios.exe xxxx.bin

(or your bios file type: xxxx.img, etc). Just wait a pair of minutes. The system will Upgrade the BIOS and restart automatically having done the job.

What I need it is:

A copy of the backup of an original BIOS Lenovo U550 (ideapad). You can easily get it in seconds using "Universal Bios Backup Tool 2.0".

Universal Bios Backup Tool 2.0.exe link:!uYMywLJB!i3v58i9kLeQfv...HIlay3kCh8

Thanks in advance

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