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[REQUEST] Lenovo Thinkpad T560 Bios unlock SVP removal
Hello guys! 

I would like to change my memory to something else and can't because of the whitelists that Lenovo puts on their laptops. (It's not detecting it)
I have already bought myself a Raspberry PI and SOIC Clip and have read my BIOS from the Winbond chip to a file. 

Could someone please help me by:
1.) Removing the whitelist
2.) Unlocking the advanced BIOS menu
3.) removing the SVP password

Details of Laptop:
Lenovo T560
BIOS CHIP: Winbound W25Q128.V (as read by flashrom)
Already made a dump:
Link to original BIOS:

I would be really grateful if anyone could help me with it.
I already tried UEFITOOL and comparing with hexeditor, but it is all wizardry to me..

Thanks in advance!
Managed to find someone via ebay and did it with bios unlock id. It is not manageable by only editing the flash file itself. It needs to communicate with tpm module. Then reuploading your original bios.

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