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[REQUEST] MCP61PM-AM BIOS Unlock (Acer, Gateway, Emachines)
I have an eMachines computer that came with the MCP61PM-AM Rev 1.0A motherboard which I have verified is an ECS motherboard, although the Foxconn looks almost identical. I also noticed that my motherboard has only 2 RAM slots installed instead of 4.

I can already unlock my RAM in the BIOS, I re-flashed from the latest BIOS I could find on the Gateway website (a bunch of Gateways have this mobo).

I would like to use an unlocked BIOS to overclock my CPU. I actually do not have a CPU for this machine currently, but wanted to buy an AMD AM2+ CPU to put in (like a AMD Athlon X2 7550 Kuma 2.5GHz or AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma 2.8GHz). Supposedly, the AM2+ is backwards compatible on a AM2 mobo (I know I won't get all the HT speed changes, etc.) but I wanted to know if it would indeed work on this model and be able to run at least at stock speeds.

Any help or clarification is appreciated!

Also, for others, here are the 2 BIOS pages at Gateway for the stock BIOS:

I used the second one which is the Gateway BIOS 61G114GS. I think the GS may be integrated graphics or something...

Note: Foxconn does have the exact same model number (MCP61PM-AM) as ECS...
OK, the ECS-HM is for HP, and the ECS-AM is for Gateway, Emachines, etc. Ill download your bios and see what there is, and don't flash until I have posted a modded bios for the correct board. I have the ECS-HM for HP, also called Nettle2, and the Gateway one is a very similar mod.
Also just because the sockets are compatible doesn't mean the BIOS is. With my bios I can only go up to a 5600 because thats the bios code that was written up to that cpu. Not just that, but the 7850 is a 95 watt cpu, and the socket on that board may only support up to 89watt like mine does. so, it may work, but I couldn't confirm this unless you simply put it in. Let me look at the bios page and I may be able to give you a better idea. And, if you hae an emachines, why is this under an acer aspire? Also, please post exct model of computer. I know you dont have a cpu yet, but I want to know the model of the emachine.
www find
Sorry for the delay in reply...

I have an eMachines T5234.

I originally posted under the Acer Aspire section because I thought the motherboard in the Acer/HP was the same as mine.... my bad.

I understand about the CPU issue. Thanks for the info, I will have to do some more research to see what wattage it supports. I will be getting an X2 CPU for another computer soon, so I can pop it in this motherboard and see if it works right.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the info. I need to know if the mobo you have has onboard graphics. I checked emahcines site out and it seems the motherboards all point to the Gateway. Do you have a copy of the bios for your board or did you want me to mod the Gateway. If you but a CPU and get the computer running, you can create a backup bios imag that I can mod, or I can mod the Gateway links that we're provided.

www find
If you could mod the Gateway BIOS in the second link below, that would be great. I tried attaching it for you, but no matter what file extension I used, it said it was not allowed!

It is interesting, Gateway is saying the AM motherboard only on the first link, and is saying the AM and AM2 motherboard on the second... but I think they just screwed up in how they listed it because it looks like the first link is BIOS 1.12 (2007) and the second link is BIOS 1.14 (2008) and that is really the only difference. Don't know. Let's try the one I'm using now and I'll see if that works!

Use this BIOS 1.14:

Thanks again,
Give me 10 minutes, im looking at it now. When you flash it, use the awdflash given in the original bios .
What was it that you wanted unlocked? I see the DRAm clocks and CPU Frequency are already enabled?

www find
Hi all!

I have HP mcp61pm-am rev 1.0a motherboard with AMD 64 dual core 4000+ 2.1 ghz processor and overclocking options are hidden in bios on this motherboard.

This is my old original bios file :

I was trying to find unlocked version of it for this motherboard and I found one here - .
Above bios is for ACER only and unfortunately I made big mistake and flashed this version with use of winflash.

At the moment I'm having problems with booting my system. I mean to do that I need to replace bios pin on motherboard, bios says - 'cmos error' and i need to press f1 to boot windows.

I got a backup of my old bios for this motherboard but whenever I want to flash old bios back winflash shows - 'this file is no support bios lock function'.

Later on I found a new version of bios for my motherboard on Packard Bell website. Which is exe file making bootable dos cd but even this one doesn't work as when I boot my computer from this cd and try to flash HP bios program says something about incorrect bios version for this motherboard.
Link here -

I guess it is because I flashed bios for ACER motherboard and my system thinks that I have ACER motherboard now... Well situation seems to be messed up but...

I was wondering if somebody could help me and explain how can I flash my old bios file back. Do I need to delete my current bios? If yes what kind of programs do I need to use.

I was wondering if somebody could have a look on my old bios file also and maybe change it a bit to unlock processor frequency option in it.
This is my old original bios file :

Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot and I'm looking forward to hear from you guys.
Try the bios, they might fix your bios
Download -
or Download -
If that doesn't work, try
They could fix your problem.

Flash Our Modded Bioses At Your Own Risk. We won't be held responsible for anything that might go wrong.
www find
(08-11-2009, 07:36 AM)computerwis Wrote: Try the bios, they might fix your bios
Download -
or Download -
If that doesn't work, try
They could fix your problem. Biosman is our partner website

that's great! I'm just afraid that provided links are for gateway not for PB but I'm gonna have a look on links later on as working and I'm gonna post what happens. Thanks for really fast replay.
If you are able to recover, I have the correct modded bios for your system. Also, use AWDFLASH in DOS 99.999 percent of the time.

www find

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