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[REQUEST] MSI X58 Platinum BIOS Unlock
First, checking back to original question about memory. Do you have the memory in the correct slots for four modules being used? Check the manual, with X58 you have to use certain slots for 1, 2, 3, and 4 modules. Second, are you 100% sure you do not have bent CPU socket pins, this is usually a sign of bent pins, incorrect voltages for the memory (QPI voltage usually needs set 1.2-1.3 once you have a certain amount of memory), and can also be a sign of incompatible memory (not made for X58, not running well with your other kits etc)

Please link me to your original BIOS (not the MSI One)

On the turbo stuff again, I see you do not have the page I was talking about, it's a submenu within "Cell Menu" called Turbo Boost Tech Config, you only have that one single setting. The BIOS is already configured to show you this submenu, but for some reason it's not showing up. I want to compare with your original BIOS to see if maybe I can figure out why.

You can try this (Based on 2018 BIOS I made you previously), I made a few changes, but I still doubt Turbo Boost Tech Config will show up yet
- I have 6x2 GB Supertalent Ram installed, so full installation on all 6 Ram banks. No mix up of sorts, all the same dedicated 2 sets triple channel Ram also
- All CPU Pins are fine, installed 3-4 weeks ago, all really fine with no issues
- today morning 40 Minutes prime run / stresstest no troubles/blue screens
- Regarding Medion OEM Bios, here first link:

I will check your new Bios today evening, and then would be still option to try with W3520, I didn't do until now hoping we get solved without need of CPU swap.

Thanks Achim
OK, that is hard on memory controller in CPU, so QPI voltage will def need to be adjusted to 1.2-1.3 or so. Also, please test with three sticks installed in the slots meant for 2 sticks only, then move a 4th stick from one slot at a time in the other empty slots, does it show up in all or missing in one?

It may be this CPU not fully compatible, causing issues etc. And CPU socket pins, I've seen people say a million times all are fine and then see images of the pins later and find 1-3+ bent, if you do swap CPU take a few images from different angles from off to the side (Not straight down onto the socket) so I can see the pins, no flash in a bright lit room.

Thanks for Medion Link, I will check this BIOS out too. * Edit, nothing there but a "Sorry" page for me, please download and re-upload the package for me, thanks
Maybe I found from the # in your link, is it this model >> PC Medion Erazer X7346 D / 7353 D >> BIOS ME 7522 - V. 2.0 -
"OK, that is hard on memory controller in CPU, so QPI voltage will def need to be adjusted to 1.2-1.3 or so. Also, please test with three sticks installed in the slots meant for 2 sticks only, then move a 4th stick from one slot at a time in the other empty slots, does it show up in all or missing in one?"
Thank's but don't understand in Detail, what should show up and how should I test? I will test with 3 and 4 Ram Sticks in one row and mixed up, also I can test with other OCZ Ram set I have. At standard setting no need to raise QPI Voltage, for sure if I would be able to OC I would need to raise QPI voltage also, did some X58 OC in past on other boards. I doubt a bit if it will help in this missing Turbo Tech config page issue.

I will now - if you have no other idea - test with other CPU and will also take some pictures of CPU socket, pretty confident no issue also but let's see.

Your link with download file is correct, there you would get latest Medion OEM Bios. This would be exe file, hope you would come along with?

I think I also made a USB copy of OEM Bios which was in place before updating to MSI Bios, will have a look today evening if so and could share then. Hope I will find, now several Bios received/researched and they all have same name, I'm a bit confused sometimes...Smile

But really appreciate your help, even we don't have solution, still hope Smile
For this memory slot test, with three sticks in the main slots for three sticks, then using a 4th stick you are testing the remaining slots one at a time by moving the 4th stick around and testing. To see if the slot is failing, check in windows task manager, performance tab and see Physical memory amount, make sure it's around 8GB /14336 total each time, not 6GB /12288MB. It wont be exact, but close. You're checking to see if one slot is failing and dropping the memory. You can't check this in BIOS, or with many apps like HWINFO or CPU-z, because those will always show the installed/detected amount if when a memory channel is failing to properly detect and use a stick, you have to check with Task Manager

YOu have 12GB total, or only 8GB total? You said 8GB in first post, memory issue comments, but then said you have all slots filled in latest reply to me about memory?

Missing turbo tech config has nothing to do with memory so it's not that And yes, if you load all slots you will need to manually set QPI voltage, this is known standard thing for X58 for past 10+ years. It's not as bad with 2GB sticks as 4GB sticks, but still you need to raise it some above stock, auto might do that sometimes, or not, and some CPU's have stronger memory controllers and may not need as much as others, same time some CPU's may have really weak memory controllers and need a lot more than others.

Yes, I checked Medion BIOS, very limited, I see why you wanted to go to the MSI one. They may have removed some items from the board, left off resistors etc, so some things might not work. I will continue to see if I can figure out how to get that missing page enabled for you.
How's the status of this BIOS Unlock? Is there any progress or is it on hold? I got a XEON x5650 and an i7 920 on that board and in both cases, the CPU voltage wasn't configurable. What I noticed though, is that the standard voltage is set to the right value and the dynamic voltage regulation works just fine. 

I've got 3x 2GB RAM and 2x 4GB RAM in its banks. The 2GB slightly over their rating and the 4GB ones slightly under their rating. My main issue is the voltage setting of the CPU. Won't go past 3,3 ish GHz with x23 multi. The RAM isn't limiting in my opinion but will with higher clocks. Anyways the voltage is the issue. 

Is it possible to just change the standard values for the CPU voltages, so the board gives them like +0.1V?


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