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[REQUEST] Sony Vaio SVE141 & SVE151 series (R0xx0E5) BIOS Unlock
(05-31-2021, 11:04 AM)SucceedSucceed Wrote: I can't find an option for UEFI selection and secure boot etc., but I guess that's just not possible?
Do you still need these options in your bios?
Sorry if it is off topic.
I have 2 x SVE151 laptops with the same issue.
No way to save the bios settings (I just want to boot from USB to install w10 on a new SSD)
I changed the bios battery.
Any idea?
Hi, I would like to unlock everything on my Bios please!

InsydeH2O Version 03.71.51 R0220E5
ME Verision: 8.0.41441
Machine Name: SVE15114FXS
Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
i used "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0" to backup my Bios rom:

Thank you very much i wish you happy holidays.
xxnn Wrote:Would you please help me unlock my Bios?
Your BIOS mod:
Boot from image file.
Hi all
Merry Christmas to everybody
And happy Krishna's to some and awesome Hanukkah to others

My sve1511w1esi amd7550 GPU most likely died I tried hot air from hair dryer but this no longer works
Now I get bsod when GPU driver is enabled

Can anyone tell me if the Intel HD on i5 2450m Cpu can be activated in bios after mod?

Bios dump here
Thanks in advance
(12-24-2021, 01:01 PM)siemierz Wrote: Can anyone tell me if the Intel HD on i5 2450m Cpu can be activated in bios after mod?
Intel HD is enabled by default.
(12-24-2021, 01:01 PM)siemierz Wrote: I get bsod when GPU driver is enabled
Disabling it doesn't help?
Intel HD is disabled in this laptop
Not present in device manager
That's why I hoped bios hack could enable it

Disabling amd driver leaves me with standard VGA driver (on amd GPU I think?)

Dump here
So I can't even install Intel HD driver
(12-24-2021, 02:23 PM)siemierz Wrote: Intel HD is disabled in this laptop
Really? The Integrated Graphic setting is set to Auto in BIOS, so I assumed it is enabled because that's how it works on most laptops.
I will make a BIOS mod for you.
That would be awesome massive super nova thank you sir

I just hope it's not hardware blocked from using Intel HD
Did you see Intel HD on auto in my bios file? God I'd like to be able to do the things you folks do where's some online courses to learn that?

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