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[REQUEST] WiFi Whitelist Removal Dell E7250 to recognize eGPU

I would like to request the removal of the Whitelist for the M.2 WiFi slot for a Dell Latitude E7250.

The laptop doesn't currently have the WiFi card that it came with.  I bought it used.

I'm basically trying to add a eGPU using the M.2 WiFi port.  I've been able to get the OS to see the eGPU by booting the laptop with the WiFi card installed, putting the laptop to sleep and then hot swapping the beast cable in the M.2 WiFi port and then waking up the laptop...but that's not ideal.

I'm trying to modify the BIOS myself using the resources on this forum, but it might take me a while to figure it all out.  Any help is appreciated.



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