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[REQUEST] tongfang PF5NU1G laptop bios unlock
before start the post sorry for my bad english [Image: sad.gif]

i got a laptop from tongfang barebone which name is PF5NU1G
or its called as
hansung TFX5470H(i got this)
Tuxedo Pulse 1
Schenker VIA 15 Pro
KDE Slimbook
Eluktronics Thinn 15

spec is
16GB 3200 dual

as long as i know these models are have competible bios between each other
my 5470H bios supports fewer options unlike via 15
so im trying to unlock all bios options but i dont solution
i need RAM timing contrl, voltage offset or so.
i want to underclock, undervolting. for more power efficiency
and id like to see all available options if its possible

so i attached both bios files below
i hope somebody can help me

this is from SCHENKER_VIA15_PRO ver 1.07

and this is from HANSUNG TFX5470H ver 1.07

i think that doesnt have RSA signature
i opened my bios threw AMIBCP. at the first time AMIBCP shows 0x08 length error but i corrected it.
check this solution :
it shows many options but still dont have idea what is hidden one.
after load bios on amibcp i edited few access tag about options. here is my file
its from via 15 pro
but sadly i cant access to my laptop now. so its untested.
make sure this take big risk

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