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Removal of Error Reporting on HP 8200 Motherboards

I am trying to get into modifying computers, and my HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT is giving me some trouble. I have put the HP 8200 motherboard into a new case since the connectors for a normal ATX power supply is different, I have to use an adapter. This adapter new case has caused some issues given the non-proprietary hardware. On boot up the BIOS alerts me that "Front USB-1 not connected" and "Power Supply fan not connected" these issues are from missing grounds in the ATX power supply cables, and can be resolved by jumping them with any wire. I do not wish to do this as it has proven inconsistent. So I pursued a more express method. I want to remove the error reporting from the BIOS and save that BIOS image to flash onto any other machines I may use the HP 8200 motherboard on as I have plenty to work with. I am currently using MMtool to accomplish this and have deleted "ErrorDisplay" but I am now getting a corrupt image or missing signature error when I try to flash the image or a PC. If this is possible, is it possible on an HP 8300 BIOS as well? Thanks in advance for any assistance. I have attached a CAB with the .bin I am trying to modify for reference.

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