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[Removed] Lenovo G770 Whitelist removal...
Could you please unlock my file?
I tried downloading your files, and they are restricted, so i cannot provide the 2 files.
I do have the ROM file here.
(This is the thread I made)

I need the ADVANCE tab opened.
This laptop's Chipset states that it will work with 16GB of Ram.
But I need to do something inside of the BIOS, and without the newest MODDED BIOS, I cannot do anything.
And the Graphics Card, with the old modded BIOS (v3.06) I was able to assign 128mb as Dedicated Memory to the Graphics card.
(What a difference).

Please let me know if you can help.
I hope you can.

Thank You
(09-06-2015, 04:29 AM)BDMaster Wrote: Here You go :

Let me know

P.S. Donate to me for my work and time . . . look into my Signature Wink

@BDMaster: Please, do you still have one of those modded 3.10 BIOSes Sad? The links no longer work.. they say the file's been deleted.
Тогда мой ноутбук может удалить белый список.
Производитель и модель материнской платы: Lenovo G770 ( 20089 ) -Bios. Редакция: 40CN11WW (v3.10). Резервная копия: 1e9L0F7UKbUA5uQkRmVaKNTrj_Uo_YUx- УСП = обмен / просмотр?


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