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[Request] Alienware M17R3 Internal graphic card
Hello, everyone.
Recently I purchased Alienware M17R3 laptop. Spec is Intel i7-10875H, 32G ram, 2080 super GPU, FHD 300hz display.

And intentionally I bought this one because I needed intel CPU for Hackintosh. For a week, I have installed MacOS successfully although it was very hard. And I have installed Logic Pro X. But there’s one critical problem with graphic card - Dell is not allow me to have a control on enabling iGPU. And my dGPU-2080 super : nVidia is not providing MacOS driver. So, there's no GPU recognized by MacOS although I can see the screen.

I searched and tried again and again but I guess I cannot proceed further with my limited skill level. I’m very new to Bios mod(just a few days, googling until early morning). I tried with modGRUBShell.efi but it seems the value never changes.. says guid format wrong(?)..

So I’m writing here to request to get my bios modified. Best would be that I can have access to Hidden Advanced Menu in BIOS setting if exist. But at least I wish I can get Internal graphics card enabled. I learned and tried to change the bin bios file and flash the bios but when I do fptw -f, there’s “Protected Range Register” error so I was not able to flash the bios. And another bad thing is I wanted to try prr.exe or prr2.exe but Dell blocked legacy booting either, so I cannot get to DOS mode. Sad

Please, please help me. I eagerly need to run MacOS because I need to use Logic pro x for music producing. But I cannot(and don’t want to) have two notebooks same time.

Here’s download link of my bios downloaded by fptw.

And I would like to have CFG Lock disabled. Seems it is 0x3E, Disabled is 0x0, Enabled is 0x1 (Default)

Thank you very much in advance.

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