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Request: Asus GL503VD AMI BIOS unlock
You're welcome!
Hi, I have an Asus GL503VD laptop with the AMI 307 bios. Here is the link of the version currently installed:
also here is a FPT BIOS region dump:
made with FTPW64.exe
Can anyone unlock it? I'd like to be able to change extra settings .... maybe some cpu / gpu settings ? who knows what else could be inside there lol.
Let me know if any additional information is needed.

Huge THANKS in advice <3
i tried to use amibcp and set under setup pages the access/use to user .... but flashed and didn't work ... Sad help

update 2: since after modifying the backup above with AMIBCP, (where I tried to set the access level to "USER" for "Main" "Advanced" "Chipset" "Boot" and "Save & Exit" pages under setup) didn't work, (at least nothing changed in bios.... i could only see only the normal "narrowed" original pages), i thought the smart thing to do is to flash back the stock rom from asus page, did not downgrade, just used "Winflash.exe /nodate" to flash the same 307 ROM.

P.S. got a GbE error in yellow while writing the BCP modified version,

so back to square 1.

HWiNFO64 reports Intel ME Version: 11.8, Build 3399, Hot Fix 50
will make again a Bios Region backup with flash programming tool (FPT) from Intel CSME System Tools v11 r24

aaaaand here it is:

Please flash in stock BIOS, using standard Asus method (EZ Flash, or whatever comes with the BIOS). Then send me fresh clean FPT BIOS region dump, then I can unlock for you. I would use one of the above dumps, but I'm unsure why you've posted two, and unsure if either are stock untouched (not edited by you) dumps.

Please send stock dump, clean flash, not edited by you in anyway, then I can mod for you to reflash via FPT - before you can flash mod BIOS back in, you have to do as I outlined in post #4 here -
Hi @Lost_N_BIOS, I appreciate your time and effort to help out,
here is the Bios region dump you asked, clean dump after a clean install with ez flash.

(file is attached below)

Attached Files
.bin   biosreg.bin (Size: 6 MB / Downloads: 3)
Thanks! Now, before you can flash mod BIOS, you need to unlock BIOS Lock using grub.
Here's how, see post #4 -

Here is your Mod BIOS

*** No one else use this file, it's system specific for MirukiKun only!
If you need unlock send me your BIOS region dump, otherwise you will loose system details (Serial, UUID, etc) - You have been warned!!!
as instructed, i have disabled the bios lock following the tutorial in post #4, 
here is a picture of the result.

i will flash the modded bios shortly and post pictures of the result Smile

thank you for your time and effort @Lost_N_BIOS
here is the result.

Thanks to @Lost_N_BIOS for all the time and effort put in.
Thanks for your report back MirukiKun, good to see you got the BIOS flashed in without any hassles Smile
I have an Asus GL503VD laptop with the AMI 310 bios.

Can anyone unlock it? I'd like to be able to change settings for the cpu/gpu.

Here's the download link for it:

and the FPT BIOS region dump create is

Let me know if any additional information is needed. thanks you.

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