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Request: Asus GL503VD AMI BIOS unlock
You need to disable BIOS Lock via grub with setup_var before you can flash in mod BIOS, info on that in this thread

I tried to report this thread, to be moved there, but report button broken same as rep functions, been this way for months mod/admin - thanks!

Here is unlocked BIOS

*** No one else use this file, it's system specific for djjuu only!
If you need unlock send me your BIOS region dump, otherwise you will loose system details (Serial, UUID, etc) - You have been warned!!!
(06-11-2019, 01:56 PM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: Vous devez désactiver le verrouillage du BIOS via grub avec setup_var avant de pouvoir flasher dans le BIOS mod, des informations à ce sujet dans ce fil -BIOS-unlock

J'ai essayé de signaler ce fil, pour y être déplacé, mais le bouton de rapport cassé de la même manière que les fonctions de représentant, est ainsi depuis des mois mod / admin - merci!

Voici le BIOS déverrouillé

*** Personne d'autre n'utilise ce fichier, il est spécifique au système pour djjuu!
Si vous avez besoin de déverrouiller, envoyez-moi votre fichier de vidage de la région du BIOS, sinon vous perdrez les détails du système (Série, UUID, etc.) - Vous avez été prévenu !!!

Merci beaucoup.
désolé je n'ai pas pris le temps bientôt pour vous remercier
You're welcome!!
hello again ! (^_^)/

apparently a new version (3.10) came out, and windows decided to update my "firmware" via windows updates (win 10)
having windows 10 updates that can just update your bios via ezflash is SCARY.... but anyway....

I was hoping someone could help me out with the dump mod again Sad

Thanks and I attached the dump from FPT

.bin   biosreg.bin (Size: 6 MB / Downloads: 12)
Yes, I agree, everyone should scream loudly to Intel and Asus etc on Facebook, Twitter etc. Stock BIOS brick systems all the time, I can't believe Microsoft agreed to do that to people. You know this is probably causing lots of bricked systems every day all around the world and they don't care at all. Board companies should be the most to blame for handing over BIOS to Microsoft when they directly know this happens and will have to deal with RMA's for all systems within warranty that brick.

This should be at least one of the things you can absolutely stop Windows Update from touching, surely someone out there has came up with a registry fix or something to block this?

Here is your mod BIOS MirukiKun -

*** No one else use this file, it's system specific for MirukiKun only!
If you need unlock send me your BIOS region dump, otherwise you will loose system details (Serial, UUID, etc) - You have been warned!!!
Once again saved by @Lost_N_BIOS, thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it !

Regarding to this "windows update" feature... I'm actually infuriated because a lot of things can go west, you never know when the flash memory can decide to [censored] and corrupt a firmware... doesn't happen often, BUT IT CAN HAPPEN.... and having windows to just decide,"oh hey... there's a new bios .... let's just get that ready for ezflash.... oh and by the way... next reboot you're gonna be welcomed with a "flashing in progress" screen" is not quite ok in my opinion.... 

at least windows could make this updates manual, and request the user to AGREE to install etc etc...

anyway thought i should mention this with others ...

again thank you all for the help  (specially @Lost)
over and out
You're welcome!! I totally agree, and can't believe people haven't raised all heck about this everywhere at motherboard companies and Microsoft.
Victim 1 for the day already Big Grin -
wow, I hate to say it but I've saw it coming.
this is exactly why i hate Microsoft.
Funny we discuss and then BAM, there it is! I think I had another one last week at Win-RAID too, I know for sure I remember two people complaining about the pushed BIOS updated, but I think one was bricked as well
IKR ... gotta love microsoft, I feel bad for the guy that actually got bricked... hope he's under warranty or he knows how to use a SOP programmer (not hard... but not everyone is good with disassembling/assembling... or if he doesn't have a clip, well there's a need for a bit of soldering skills too)

and all of this for what ?

a stupid Windows Update Smile

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