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[Request] Dell Inspiron 14 5485 - $Reward$
Years ago I played with a lot of BIOS and EEPROM related editing, but I've grown rusty. I've spent 30+ hours over the last few weeks, and while I have managed to sort out some of that I'd like to do, I wasn't able to sort out everything. So, I'll happily send a few bucks to whomever can lend a hand. 

I have already dumped the 25q128fwsg via a SOIC8, that is in the link below. I need to gain access to the AMD PBS and CBS menus in the InsydeH2O bios so that I can change DRAM clocks, timing, etc and also do some under volt modifications on the CPU since the cooling solution on these is trash. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

I should note, I have been able to get h2ouve to at least show that I can change most of these things, but the defaults are blank everywhere and I am unsure how this would effect things.

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