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Request: Dell Optiplex 330 SLIC 2.1 Mod
I've attempted to use Phoenix tool 2.66 however after injecting the SLIC 2.1 mod (in auto mode) even using the rw report it creates an exe that is 5KB smaller than the original BIOS, and gives a "payload error" message when trying to flash in Windows/DOS.  Probably some kind of CRC or file size check, not sure how to circumvent it myself.  Any takers?

Latest BIOS A11:
RW Report:

Thanks in advance!
So I found some additional information here, and by using the Dell DCCU tool I was able to take the .hdr from the Phoenix Tool output and create a BIOS flash exe that flashed, testing is underway however to see if it worked correctly.
Success!  Either use the exe included here for BIOS version A11 with SLIC 2.1 for Optiplex 330, or if you don't trust my exe then use the steps outlined above to make your own exe.

There is NO OUTPUT of status from this exe, the Dell DCCU utility makes an exe from the hdr file as indicated above, which gets around the dreaded "payload error" on Dell Phoenix BIOS's. 

Also note that when launching the exe there is no output, and it takes about 2 minutes for the machine to auto-reboot (make sure you've saved anything open before running!)  It will update BIOS's that are already A11 to A11 with SLIC 2.1 as well.

File: DO330-A11_SLIC.exe

On a side note.. Windows 10 will indeed run on these old boxes, I'd recommend 4GB of RAM and an SSD though Wink

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