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[Request] HP 620 whitelist removal

Anyone got modded bios for HP Compaq 620 laptop with wifi whitelist removed?

Or could someone tell me howto remove or modify the whitelist by myself?
I've found several howtos but all of them seem to be for other/older bios types or something.
I've found Andy's PhoenixTool which let's me extract contents of the bios file.
Now I got 741 .rom files. Is there any logic how to find correct file to edit. Or do I just have to grep all files and try to find those whitelisted USB device id's?
could you please help me to remove my HP 620 whitelist
WLAN/WWAN Whitelist removal:
-Manufacturer: Hp
-Model: HP 620
-Bios File Name: sp55878.exe
-Bios revision: F.20 ( current )
-Bios Type: HP 68PVI ROM Family
-Bios Release date: 12 Dec 2011
-Bios Download Link:

Thanks & Regards
(07-04-2012, 05:21 AM)Tobler Wrote: could you please help me to remove my HP 620 whitelist
WLAN/WWAN Whitelist removal:
-Manufacturer: Hp
-Model: HP 620
-Bios File Name: sp55878.exe
-Bios revision: F.20 ( current )
-Bios Type: HP 68PVI ROM Family
-Bios Release date: 12 Dec 2011
-Bios Download Link:

Thanks & Regards

Please, the same bios/ white list if possible.
Thank you very much.
Dear All,

is it hard to remove it or what??
is it possible or not?

[REQUEST] HP 620 Notebook whitelist removal
-Manufacturer: HP
-Model: HP 620 Notebook PC
-Latest Bios Revision: F.20
-Bios link:

Thank you!

I am new here. I am coming here because I have a problem with HP 620 notebook.

I wrote on a HP support forum ... pasting my first post here

HP support forum

Quote:I am servicing a laptop HP620 Intel Celeron Dual-Core CPU T3100@1.9Ghz
I updated the latet BIOS F.20 (12 DEC 2011)

I diagnosed that the RALINK RT3090BC4 V20A rev.1.00 half-mini PCI was not working. Before I went ahead to order a new wifi card I was looking for any clue what wifi cards this laptop supports. I couldn't find any information so I ordered a Intel Wireless-N 7260 2x2 BGN + Bluetooth card. I thought that since it's intel CPU , Intel chipset it should work. But to my surprise , I have just received the package from courier went right away to put the card into the notebook, and it doesn't work. I can't even enter BIOS because it's say the following...

"Wireless Module not supported
The system has detected a Wireless module installed in the system is not supported. System halted. Please remove device and restart."

I got a suggestion to write here to ask for bios unlock.I don't know what bios that laptop has. Only the version is available.
Hello guys. Could you please help me with WLAN whitelist removal:

- Manufacturer: HP
- Model: HP 620 (XN591EA)
- ROM Family: HP 68PVI
- Current BIOS: F.0A (not RSA signed)
Download link:
BIOS backup (original dump):
- Current original card: Ralink RT3090BC4 V20A (I can not see ID - she's died)
- Card to be added: Broadcom BCM94313HMG2L

Thanks in advance!
Dear admins, experienced modders! Can someone help me with this BIOS? Please, do it!

I have seen that your bios name is the same as one of my laptop (sp52010), but my laptop is an HP420. i haven't received an answer from this forum either, but i have made some tests in my laptop. 
Have you done some tests too, in your HP620? 
If you have done so, please let me know, we can make interchange of info about it.

[Request] HP 420 Bios sp55878 Whitelist Removal

Best regards, 

(Sorry for my english)

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : HP 420, XC080LA#AKH
-Bios Revision : sp55878.exe, F.20(12 dic 2011)
-Bios Type : 68PVI Family ROM
-Bios SLIC : 
-Bios Link :
-Original WLAN: TX2-RTL8191SE
-New WLAN: 7260HMW Intel

Another bios for HP420: sp47799, sp49711, sp50167, sp51295, sp51606, sp52010, sp55878

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